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Behind The Astron


Fads was born and raised in Saudi Arabia with a name defined as galaxy in Arabic. She's now living in the Philippines as a homebody and enjoys discovering new things within the comfort zone.

One night in June of 2016, she decided to create The Astron. It was unplanned and sudden however, she learned to love the name each day. The Astron has two meanings, The Star and Wisdom of Stars but there's so much more than that.

Throughout the years, she discovered her style and the path she wanted to take which are Minimalism, Mindfulness, Motivation, and Modesty.

In order to do that, she has to remain grateful for everything, strive harder for things that she wanted to reach, be open for great opportunities.

Contact me,

The Astron is always open for opportunities. Drop by an email, tweet, or Instagram message, whichever you like. We're casual here and there's no reason for anyone to feel any difficulties just to contact the person behind The Astron.

I'm up for chitchats too. I'd love to hear from my readers.

Email: fadsaburkair@gmail.com
Twitter: @imfads
Instagram: @imfads