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Digital & Minimal Vision Board '20

A decade has ended, a new one has begun. 

I’m sure your goals, resolutions, visions, and motivations are already set for this year. There’s something about this year that gives us that spark of new beginnings and new us. We have this specific vision of our ideal life for this year.

However, it’s that early time of the year where we feel unmotivated and uninspired to take action towards our goals. So I believe that it’s time to reflect back and restart by making a vision board to keep you on track with your goals. And here’s mine.

Good day, lovelies.

Vision board is a collection of images or texts that you want to manifest in your life, it may serve as a reminder of your goals and purpose, and it may also serve as a guidance in your everyday life to keep you on track and keep you inspired. 

As for this year, I will be trying out the digital vision board as it saves physical resources and contributes to my minimalism endeavor. I’ve set these collection of images as my wallpaper both on my phone and laptop, because I make most of my break time on my phone or laptop. 

We have different areas and roles in life. So I’ve decided to make my vision board accordingly to these areas because I think it’s a better idea to keep your visions and goals organized for this year. Without further ado, here’s my digital vision board.

FAITH: As an average Muslimah, I do the five pillars. But in this dunya (world) which often pulls me away from my faith, I want to always have the determination to return back to Allah no matter what and I want to do more and learn more about Islam.

MARRIAGE & MOTHERHOOD: Now that I have a wonderful little family, I’m blessed to be given two new roles in my life as a wife and a mom. I want to be able to fulfill my duties on both roles by being able to balance both roles and my other roles in life.

SELF-CARE: Being always put together is something I always try to achieve everyday no matter what because when I am, everything positive follows. I get in a good mood, productive, and inspired so it’s kind of a big deal to take at least 5 minutes of my day for myself, fixing myself. I want to look at the mirror and see a reflection of a woman who will conquer the day and ready for the battle.

CAREER: I believe that being a mom isn’t a reason for you to stop going, for you to stop reaching your dreams, for you to unbecome who you really are. It’s just another role you’re capable of that was given to you by God. So I’ve always seen myself as a working mom. It will be a challenge but I will figure it out.

GOALS: We all have long term goals that we try to work for every day in order to achieve it someday. This may take 2-3 years or longer. But the thing about these goals is, they are long term. From its term, it’s often neglected and put off. So I’ve decided to put them on my vision board to keep me reminded of them, and focus on working on them.

The Astron

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