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Birth Story
(25 Hours in Labor)

The most magical experience.

Giving birth is surely one of the most (or the most) nerve-wrecking experience a woman can go through. This makes us, women, the strongest. We can endure pain we never thought we are capable of, we can go through pregnancy and grow a little human inside of us, and at the end of the day, we say it's the most magical experience and we love every inch of it. For that, we deserve so much.

Before I go through the intense birth story, I would like to acknowledge my beautiful first pregnancy experience. If you've been tagging along my series of pregnancy updates, you're aware that I had an easy pregnancy which I'm eternally grateful for.

I had an easy first trimester due to not being able to experience the nausea, unusual cravings, and other pregnancy symptoms. Had a go-with-the-flow second trimester and continually gained weight throughout my third trimester for eating twice than I used to. My little one was a gentle baby in my womb, he never kicked me, only few stretches which concerned me during my pregnancy but thank God, it's perfectly normal.

I want to conclude my beautiful pregnancy as one of the best journey I've gone through in my life and I'm eternally grateful for that because I wouldn't want my life any other way than how it is in the present. 

All pregnancies are different, and all birth stories are different. And here's mine to help soon to be mommies, and for me to remember every single beautiful detail of the day my life changed, forever.

Wednesday – 11.13.19 – 2am

I was awake due to insomnia and made use of the time to talk to my husband who is abroad. After few minutes, I had to go wee then felt a little contraction once which felt like cramps from dysmenorrhea, then went back to sleep.

Wednesday – 11.13.19 – 4am
The Labor

Woke up for fajr prayer and still felt the little contraction and this time, it was constant. However, the gap time were close but was bearable.

This time around, I was sure that the pain was real contractions so I recorded the interval time. Since the gap time were very close, I felt the gut that I might really give birth today.

However, I was relaxed the whole time and didn't make a sound unless there's a discharge. I walked all over the house, took a warm bath, prepared my hospital bag, ate ajwa dates, and read the qur'an.

Around this time, my husband was already awake and made it to his work. Then, I decided to tell him that I've been feeling mild contractions since 4AM, but I was hesitant to go to the ER because 'til this time, the discharge haven't occured.

My husband who's working in a medical university asked around about my situation and a friend of his, a nurse, told him that I should go to the ER now and not wait for the discharge because the interval time of my contractions were very close and surely, I'm going to give birth very soon.

My mother and I went to the ER and I got an IE. According to the midwife, my cervix were still close but there was a water leakage so she made me stay put on the bed and not walk around.

This time, the contractions were getting a little bit intense and a bit longer, however it was bearable.

I was sent to the delivery room, got an IE, recorded my contractions and how intense it was. Accordingly, I was already in labor and is having intense contractions, but the midwives were shocked how relaxed I was.

The contractions were intense and longer for about 1-2mins which is making me exhausted and emotional. Got an IE again, and I was finally dilated for about 1-2cm.

For preparation for delivery, my ob instructed my mom to feed me a little bit because I need all the energy I can get for the labor + delivery.

Thursday – 11.14.19 – 12am
The Madness

Around this time, my contractions were very intense to the point where I started groaning and shaking. Also, the nurse who was assisting me started to massage my back everytime I get the contraction which doesn't make the contractions any less painful but is comforting. I needed the comfort and I was so thankful that the nurse was very nice and patient to help me out.

Also, I was given a pain reliever but it didn't work on me, since I felt no difference from the pain of my contractions.

My contractions were very very intense so I asked for another pain reliever and hoping that this time it might work because I was already so exhausted. I was already dependent on the two nurses who were assisting me, the one was massaging my back and the other was holding my hand every time I get the contractions.

Got an IE, and was only dilated to 3-4cm.

I'm already in labor for 24 hours now and was so exhausted and frustrated from the intense contractions and asked for another pain reliever. However, the nurses couldn't give me one without an approval from my ob who was missing-in-action.

I was given another pain reliever but as usual, it didn't make the pain go away even just a little bit which is so frustrating so I asked the nurse if I could get an induction instead because I felt like I couldn't take the pain anymore due to exhaustion. However, she told me that it will make the contractions more intense.

When my ob arrived again, she gave me an IE and proclaimed that I was 5-6cm dilated and assure that I still have to wait 'til I'm fully dilated and ready for delivery.

I was so exhausted and told the nurses that I couldn't take the pain anymore and I felt like I need to start pushing to make an end to the pain. My ob allowed me and while pushing, I'm sure that my ob was also stripping my cervix to get me fully dilated.

I was pushing whenever I can and eventually, my ob was giving me compliments saying that I was doing a good job and the baby was already crowning. And here, the long pushes started. I was guided to push as long as I can whenever I felt like another contraction is coming.

While I was pushing, my ob was giving me positive updates and eventually told me that on the next contraction, I should push as long as I can because my baby is truly coming out. When the contraction came, I pushed and counted 'til 50s then I heard a nurse saying "This is why I love my job, I always love this moment –being able to witness this precious time."

That's when I knew, my pain is going to end and I'm about to meet my precious blessing.

Thursday - 11.14.19 - 5:56am
The Arrival

I felt my ob pulling my baby out after my uncountable pushes and instantly felt an immediate release then I opened my eyes. A warm pale to purple skinned baby was put on my left thigh. I saw him and felt his weight. At that moment I knew he was okay and everything was okay. The pain has end and a new chapter of my life has started.

Due date: November 21, 2019
Birthday: November 14, 2019
Time: 5:56 AM
Weight: 7 lbs
AOG: 39 weeks

May peace and mercy from Allah be with you, our baby Adam.

The Astron


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