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Third Pregnancy Update + Baby Name Reveal

Officially on baby watch!

It's the last stage! It's that stage of pregnancy where we prepare the baby registry, birth plan, and of course oneself and counting down the remaining days 'til the arrival of the little one. Now, we're wrapping up my pregnancy updates plus our baby boy's name revelation.

Third pregnancy trimester doesn't have a huge difference between my previous trimesters. However, this time, we're wrapping up my last few pregnancy symptoms that I will for sure truly miss one day. 


Since third trimester is all about preparation for little one's arrival, nesting was definitely my mood almost everyday. I always made sure the room is clean, baby's stuff are ready and well arranged, and I'm always in the mood for household chores.

Baby's weight

Baby's weight has definitely got heavier this time around which makes standing, walking, doing household chores a lot difficult for me. When I go for a walk, I instantly look for somewhere to sit on after every 5-10 minutes walk because I feel like I'm lifting dumbbells.

Towards the end of my third trimester, baby weigh exactly 7 pounds, which made me nervous because I don't think I can deliver over 7 pounds baby. So I had to control my intakes and switched to safe food that won't make baby gain more weight which was the hardest thing ever because I love milktea. Haha.

Wild cravings

During my previous trimesters, I wasn't craving for random food and was very picky with what I eat. However, this time, I crave for different food every other day and I eat twice than I used to. I find it a good thing because at least through my intakes, I also nourish my little one. And I'm also assuming that the cravings come from the little one and not mine.

At the end of my third trimester, I gained 8kg including baby's weight. However, I didn't see much changes on my body except for the growing baby bump but I'm sure there's some changes I haven't noticed.


Since we're on the last stage, I had to deal with mixed thoughts and emotions. Such as, being afraid of getting over due, afraid of going through caesarean birth, preparation for little one's arrival, my husband being away from me, and others.

But as I just said, they're all just thoughts and emotions that we can control, whether to tolerate for a long time or not. So I tried my best not to entertain these negative emotions and thoughts as much as I can because I assume that what I feel is what my baby feel, and the least thing I want for my baby is to feel anxious or sad.

" A D A M  F A R H A N "

Before we found out the gender of our little one, my husband and I already decided specific names on both genders. However, when we found out his gender, name suggestions from family and friends have oozed over which made us a little bit confused but at the end of the day, the decision will always come from us because we're the parents of this upcoming little sunshine.

A D A M : At first, I personally picked out this name with no special meaning, I just simply really like the name and I've always wanted to name my child Adam ever since long ago.

Then, my sister gave me this book called "Adam in Qur'an" by Dr. Khalid Medallah. The book wowed me and made me reassure that I picked the right name for my child.

F A R H A N: My husband and I decided to give our little one a second name because Adam is just a bit short. To consider, we actually went through a lot of names for our little one's second name 'til I decided to give the decision to my husband since I already picked our little one's first name. I think  it's just right to give him the right to decide for the second name.

Farhan is an indirect Quranic name for boys which means "happy", "joyous", or "rejoicing". My husband went for this name because according to him, our little one is our "source of happiness".

See you very very soon, Baby Adam Farhan!

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