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Reflection 2019: Gratitude and Humility

Zamboanga City, Philippines

What a year.

If I could sum up this year in words, it would be gratitude and humility. If I could sum up what I felt this year, it would be contentment and happiness.

Hello beautiful people!

Another year left us with experiences, lessons, and feelings. I would sum up my experiences as unpredictable, lessons learned with acceptance, and my feelings as gratefulness.

2019 started beautifully for me as I got married to my ideal man on February 13th; the plot twist of my life. Cheesy as it may sound, but I was the happiest when I was with my husband and it felt like life was too perfect. However, life is not and will never be perfect, so we had to go through long distance relationship/marriage due to his work abroad.

It was depressing at first, being separated with the love of my life but finding out that we were gifted with a little one by God in exchange for our longings made our marriage more secure and made us feel more grateful with the life we chose together.

In June, I finally left my job to be able to focus on my pregnancy and it was one of the best decision I made because I know that our little one benefits the most. I loved my job, however it wasn’t healthy for my pregnancy and productivity at work, so I had to make a wise decision.

Being a homebody as I focus on my pregnancy for few months was the most contentful break of my life. It was almost a dream -doing nothing and eating everything (haha). As I focus on my pregnancy, I learned a lot about the beauty of it and I was enchanted watching our little one growing from a peanut to a little human. Believe me, my pregnancy was one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences that happened in my life.

I love my little bambino since day one, so the imagination of getting to meet and hold him in real life was surreal. And I just couldn’t wait, but at the back of my mind, I wanted to embrace my pregnancy and let it sink in more.
On November 14th, our little Adam Farhan has finally made his arrival to this world through normal delivery -the magical experience. Taking care of a newborn is definitely challenging but at the end of it, when I see my little Adam sleeping safe and sound makes all the struggles worthy. It becomes a routine and everyday it makes my heart warm.

I will be ending this year with my little Adam around my arms, and with relief as this year made me feel grateful, humbled, content, and happy. Alhamdulillah, I'm ready for you 2020.

The Astron

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