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First Pregnancy Update + How We Found Out

“Everything you’re currently experiencing is a temporary
transition that’s leading you somewhere beautiful.”

Beginning of this year was definitely full of surprises and plot twists. Now that we’re at the middle of the year, I believe I can say that it’s still being good to me. New experiences and challenges are things I had to face for the past months, that’s because I got pregnant! And I’m so excited for the coming months.

If you haven’t known yet, I recently got married last February. Read over here for the biggest and beautiful plot twist of my life. Later of March, I was sent to the hospital due to my gastritis. However, we’ve decided to drop at an obgyne’s clinic to check if I’m pregnant then ask for medicine for my gastritis (in case). The doctor’s secretary handed me a pregnancy test kit, then it clearly came out positive. Haha!

Early April, we went to have my first ultrasound and found out that I’m approximately 7-8 weeks pregnant. This time I can already hear the heartbeat of our little one which was surreal. The first time I heard the heartbeat, I realized that this is real. I really am pregnant, I’m going to be mother.

My first trimester was definitely a bumpy road of emotions and sudden-shocking changes. I was emotionally challenged because my husband needed to go back to his work abroad, I had to resign from my work, and had to think and deal with all the changes I’m going to face for the next months.

However, I surpass this emotional phase because of my faith and belief that God won’t burden me more than I can bear, and I have a very supportive husband, family, and friends which I’m eternally grateful for. All the positive feedbacks and advises I got during this time helped me so much to get through this phase. Thank God I’m surrounded with positive and supportive people in my life.

Did I experience morning sickness, nausea, and unusual cravings? The answer to that is thankfully no. I’m one of those lucky preggies who didn’t get to experience these symptoms. However, I was constantly tired and got a lot of back pains which caused me a lot of absences at my work and would rather sleep at home than hang out with friends.

I’m halfway through my pregnancy, I got a bump, and I can feel few gentle kicks from our little one. I’m more energetic now and wouldn’t definitely say no to hang-outs unless I’m not feeling it. So at the end of July, we’re going to find out the gender of our little one which we’re so excited about. My husband and I have been guessing the gender ever since we found out that I’m pregnant. I want a girl, and my husband wants a boy. Haha!

I will end this spread by leaving a sentimental note that, I’m so happy of all the blessings and experiences I received for the past months, specifically my supportive husband and our on-the-way little one. I honestly didn’t regret anything in my life because coming to this destination has been the most beautiful and happiest road of my life. For that, I’m eternally grateful. Alhamdulillah.

The Astron

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  1. What a beautiful written post! Congratulations, wish you all the very best during your pregnancy and after it for you and the baby. May God continue on blessing you and your family! xo