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Essentials for a Better 2018

Hello, goal-getter!

Tomorrow is 2018. I'm sure a lot of people is firing up on the inside full of motivation and hope on making their next year their best year yet. And I'm one of them!

Plans and goals for 2018 are racing in our mind and often times, it gets overwhelming. So, the best way to stay calm and focused on your plans and goals is to have these essentials for a better year and a better you.

          1.  P L A N N E R

Of course, we all need a planner. We can sneak in our plans by organizing them in our planner, it's so important to have this for you to be able to get off some of your plans from your head into a paper. I got mine (Starbucks Korea) as a gift from my brother, because your girl is hopefully graduating in college April 2018. Perfect gift, aside from money.

         2.  I D E A S  +  N O T E S 

This one is very important too because sometimes we get random ideas and we can't jot that down in our pretty planner and if we jot them down on our phone notes, we instantly forget about it. Therefore, the best way to remember all the ideas is to have a notebook for it. In 2017, I had notebooks for planner and ideas + notes all together. In the end, I finished 5 notebooks for 2017 and it was unorganized.

Plus, my plans for the remaining weeks of December was written on scratch paper, that's how much I write. It's okay though, it was my first year of planning and being all productive anyway. I hope to be more organized this 2018.

         3.  L A N G U A G E  N O T E S  +  D U O L I N G O

Duolingo is a language-education app available in IOS and Android. Basically, you pick a language you wanted to learn and it teaches you for free. Of course, I chose Korean because I love Korea's culture and I really wanted to visit the place someday. Although I already know how to read and write in Korean, I still want to be able to speak their language.

So I bought a little notebook to jot down my Korean notes when I'm bored or I can just sneak through the pages when I wanted to speak the language.

If you read my previous blogpost, you know that one of my goals is to learn to speak a new language.
Apple : Android

        4.  H E A D S P A C E

Again, Headspace is a meditating app where in it guides you throughout your meditation from 5-30 minutes session and it has different packs like Stress, Anger, Focus, and a lot more. Meditation helped me a lot by calming me down and concentrate on my focus.

There's also Basic sessions for beginners.
Apple : Android

        5.  G O O G L E  K E E P  +  W U N D E R L I S T

These are to-do-list apps. Google Keep keeps my goals and ideal plans, and Wunderlist keeps my to-do-list. Using two apps helps me become more hands on because when all the lists, goals, and notes are in one app, it just seems overwhelming. So I try my best to keep them organized and minimal.
Apple : Android

R E C E N T L Y  D O W N L O A D E D:

       6.  T I D E

I've just tried this app recently to help me get focused when I'm trying to be productive because I can get distracted pretty easily. If you are like me, then this app is for you. It basically gives you time for focus and short breaks as well to manage your time appropriately with matching meditating sounds.
Apple : Android

       7.  F O R T U N E  C I T Y

I've just downloaded this yesterday, basically the app is a gamification finance management app wherein, you track your expenses, income, and savings. And if you get lots of fortune, you can build a metropolis.
Apple : Android

       8.  P L A N T  N A N N Y

My phone is boring so putting up something like this can minimize it's lameness. So this app, helps you drink enough water for a day. When you drink water and track it, it also gives water to the plant so it can grow into its maximum and cute life. I named my Dandelion plant, Dandy.
Apple : Android

       9.  W A L K R 

This app is a fun one as well. Basically it tracks your steps and those steps will serve the energy for your spaceship in order to explore the galaxy and discover new planets. I tried this today while I was on the grocery, it actually counts my steps when my phone is on which I think will consume your battery life.

However, it's still fun, so I'll stick to this app. And I gotta discover some planets!
Apple : Android

This might sound cliche, but the most important essential for welcoming 2018 is you.
You got to stay motivated and enthusiastic for a better year and a better you ahead.
We can do this!

L I N K S:
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  1. great post!

  2. I love this post! Stationary is a great way to keep organised, especially when they're so pretty! Happy new years! x


    1. Yey, I'm glad you like it. I couldn't agree more with you.

      Thanks for dropping by, Amita.

  3. Oh the Starbucks and Pantone notebooks are so cute!


    1. I know right, my brother got it for me from Korea. So pretty!

      Thanks for dropping by, Didier.

  4. So interesting, glad to know about most of these apps. Nice of you to share. Wishing you a Happy New Year!!!


    1. Yeah they are very beneficial too. Thanks for dropping by, Mercy.

  5. I've tried all apps listed here and I think my fav is headspace, duolingo and wunderlist. I want to come back to Duolingo as I want to learn Spanish (because I only had this language one year in high school :()

    1. Really? I'm glad to hear that. Yes! Let's learn a language this year. Cheering you up from here!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Thanks for sharing these apps. I haven't tried out a few. Wish you a Happy New Year too and I hope you have a great year!


    1. I hope you'll try them soon. Have a great year ahead!

  7. I'm all about planners too !
    Headspace sounds great and I also need the app Plant Nanny to force me to drink more water; It seems also funny.
    I just got a connected fit bit waych for Christmas and it helps me to drink more water and it also counts my steps.

    1. Yes! Me too. I'd love to purchase fit bit too, but not any sooner because I'm still enjoying the apps. Haha.

      Thanks for dropping by, Margot.

  8. I wanted to keep a bullet journal but I already bought a premium planner in my iPhone so I have to say goodbye to that idea although I still buy lots of cute planner haha

    I need that step counting app. I found a cute one but it's only available in the US App store. So I might need to create another apple ID just for that. And Plant Nanny! So cute!

    Btw, have a great day!