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2017 Beauty Faves

First of all, I've started wearing make-up and 
started focusing on my skin last August.
No judging, please. I'm not an expert.

Skincare and make-up wasn't really an attractive props for me, not until this year. Now, I fell in love with them and now see the true essence of these beautifying products. They exist to enhance your confidence and your beauty, you just have to use them wisely. This is one of the great decisions in my life, to wear make-up and focus on taking care of my skin.

S K I N  C A R E 

Before I start talking about my beloved skin care products, know that I had pimply cheeks before. When I started using different products to help out my face, I get lesser pimples now like one-two pimples a week or none at all. Although, I still have skin issues, like I still have dark spots from my dead pimples, this is a constraint I've been struggling on. Leave some recommendation to help your girl out.

+ Garnier Energy Active Facial Wash: This facial wash was my life saver. I've tried different facial washes but this is the only facial wash that was a big help in cleaning out my face. Since I used this, I barely get pimples. However, as I said, I still have skin issues to work on. Especially my dark spots from my previous pores and whiteheads. But this product is a start for me, thank goodness.

Celeteque Sun Care Matte Moisturizer: The sun is the powerful weapon that damages your skin. SPF and UV ray protection is so important. 2-in-1 products are so convenient because it totally saves your budget. Although, I still use sunscreen, I still don't want to count it as my fave because I want to look for better sunscreens. This moisturizer leaves a matte-smooth finish.

+ COSRX Pimple Patch: When I had pimples back before I started using Garnier facial wash, this saved my life overnight. It flattens your zit overnight and by morning it's just gone. It has different sizes as well which I find very convenient because we don't know how much our pimple can grow.

+ Face Sheet Masks: I love face masks so I don't have a fave for it, I just love them all. It nourishes your skin and gives you relaxing skin therapy.  Before I wear them, I keep it cold in the refrigerator for good five minutes. It's so relaxing, I'm telling you, then afterwards your skin just looks bright and vibrant. Although it's a temporary fix for a day, it's still helpful.

M A K E - U P

I've started wearing full make-up in mid-year of 2017. At first, it was uncomfortable, however I decided to do it everyday and started to love it. I've emptied lots of products but these are my faves for this year.

+ A'pieu Airfit Cushion: This is the first cushion I wore. At first, it was uncomfortable because I wasn't used to it. Here's my review about it. At the end, I really liked this product because of it's coverage, this helped me out to cover my previous skin issues so it deserves to be rewarded for my 2017 Beauty Faves.

COSRX Make Me Lovely Cushion: I got a lighter shade for this one, however I didn't regret it, because it still gives natural finish and that's what matters the most for me. Read more about my review here.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder: Although I don't use this anymore because they don't sell it anymore in our nearest drugstore, this is still included in my faves because honestly, it gives a silky and smooth finish. It makes your face shine free and fresh after retouch. If they still have it in your city, then you definitely need to get one.

+ Maybelline Eyebrow Duo Shaper: I've been using this for a week now and so far, no complains. I never pluck my eyebrows so using eyebrow products wasn't my thing, not until I saw a photo of me lookin' weird because I had full make-up but my eyebrows were naked. So I felt like it's time to start learning how to use eyebrow product.

+ NYX Contour & Highlight Palette: Now, this is the twist, at first I used this to shade my nose but as time goes by, I decided to use them as an eyeshadow palette. What can I do? It's a good product for neutral/nude eyeshadow that I wear for everyday look. It fits my expectation so I'm gonna use it anyway I want. I don't contour my face because I don't want to look bronzy, and I don't highlight my face because most of the time my face is oily so it's an instant glow. Haha!

+ Maybelline Flush Lipstick #PK04: I got this product few months back, and I devoured it haha. I love it's natural finish and it moisturizes my lips because my lips cracks most of the time so moisturizing lip products are my jam.

+ Everbilena Advance Lipstick #Twig: If my friends see this, they know that I had this lipstick for a year or so. Surprisingly, it's long lasting. I love its shade, I use it almost everyday, it moisturizes my lips, and it fits the budget so it's a good catch.

+ Labello Lip Balm: Basically, I've been loving this brand since I was in 5th grade back in Saudi Arabia. I use it all the time because it quickly fixes my problematic lips, and I stopped using it when I came here in the Philippines and they don't sell it here. So, two of my friends, Meshael & Jenalyn, recently got this lip balm for me when they visited Saudi Arabia. Thank you so much, this is the best souvenir I got.

PS: All the mentioned products are linked for you to purchase. For those who are from the Philippines, you may purchase the products in Beauty MNL, Althea, and Watsons.

Here's to more years of beauty.

- t h e  a s t r o n -

F O L L O W   M E


  1. Great post dear! Have a lovely day! xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. I've never really been into skin care products until this year either! Skin cleanser is such a great product, so that's a great one on the list. Thanks for sharing xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    1. I know, it wasn't such a big deal before. But thank goodness, it became a trend now because we now see the importance of it.

      Thanks for dropping by, Diana.

  3. Wow, there's lot of lovely products here I've never tried before so it's great to hear your thoughts! I'm really rubbish at my brows so really intrigued to try the brow duo shaper!

    Musings & More

    1. I'm telling you, the brow duo shaper is easy to use. I used it just recently, haven't learned any deep brow lessons, but I've got few compliments already.

  4. I like maybelline products too. They give you the perfect finish
    The Glossychic

    1. I know. I always trust Maybelline products and they meet your expectation.

      Thanks for dropping by, Glossychic.

  5. So many great faves girl! I absolutely love that NYX palette!




    1. Yeah, pretty much, but they are for the whole year though. Haha, I assume you love contour.

      Thanks for dropping by, H.

  6. I gotta try out that cushion! Looks extremely effective!

    Lisa Favre

    1. YES!! You should. Both of them are very effective.

      Thanks for dropping by, Lisa.

  7. Lovely picks, the Corsx cushion foundation sounds up my street! I did try the Maybelline brow pencil, but found it was really dry and prone to snapping, maybe I got a dodgy one!
    Helpless Whilst Drying