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Time for Coffee Hour

Gov Camins Ave, Zamboanga City, Philippines

"Monday means coffee"

My inner love for cafes sparkles when I hear out that this small city I live in established a new cafe. We have limited cafes here so it's always a pleasure for a cafe-hunting. But this one is very near to the cafe I went to and have reviewed, which is the Sheika's Oven. However, our main point today, is what I think about Coffee Hour.

Coffee Hour is a little cafe in an internet cafe called Metronoia. It has a scandinavian and urban-ish interior design. It doesn't have much of pattern which I like because I find it a little bit minimal since their furniture were plain and easy to look at.

This cafe is perfect for hanging out with a friend or partner. Since it's a little cafe, it is not family friendly. While having chitchat with a friend, you can use up your time playing different board games, card games, and fun toys for adults. We tried Jenga and Electric Line which was so much fun.

They also have outside seats which has the view of Marcian Garden Hotel to feel the Latin vibes of Zamboanga City.

Our favorite part, the cafe's food. Since it was lunch time, Glydel and I went for Alfredo Pasta because we love seafood specifically shrimps, and Oliver went for Carbonara. Alfredo Pasta was so good, at first bite, you'd want to devour it but although I was hungry I had a hard time to finish my pasta because they gave us big serving. But for the blog and for my tummy, I complete the pasta with an empty plate.

Carbonara wasn't as good as their Alfredo Pasta. No wonder that their best selling pasta is their Alfredo Pasta.

Then, time for the frappe. Among the three frappes we ordered, I like the Strawberry Frappe the most, which is Oliver's, because it has this candy strawberry taste that made me feel nostalgic. Second was the Marshmallow Frappe which was Glydel's, it tastes so much of vanilla which I like because I personally love vanilla. Last but not the least, my Peppermint Frappe was good, however after few sip I'm starting not to like it maybe because it doesn't taste like tea, it's more of the sweet peppermint.

Above all, I loved their menu because it's halal, that's a bonus point. But something was missing in their menu and that's cakes. It made me feel down when I realized that they don't have cake. They also have no wifi at the moment since they are still processing that. However, it's good that they don't have it at the moment because customers can enjoy their company without being disturbed by social media.

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  1. Nice post, so cool that they have a halal menu and the design of the place looks great too!

    Marije | thegfguide.com

    1. Thank you. I know, I'm so glad that the city I'm living in serves halal food almost in all food establishments. Minimal interior is my fave!

      Thanks for dropping by, Marjie.

  2. It sounds like such a lovely place to spend some time with your friends or partner as you said :) Sad that there is no wi-fi at the moment, means no blogging, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Awww, it would've been nicer to go alone and just blog if there was wifi. Blogging is important. Haha!

      Thanks for dropping by, Leta.

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  4. Looks like a lovely place ! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. It is, actually. Oh you're welcome.

      Thanks for dropping by, Nina.