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Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy | Review


It was a lucky day.

I wanted to buy this book for a bit long time now because I admire the author behind it. I always find it sold-out in our nearest NB branch and recently we visit Davao City and roam around to shop, my sister and I dropped in Fully Booked because we just wanted to check out the books and find something to buy. Once I saw Behind the Blog by Kryz Uy, I was in instant shock and my sister noticed so she said "I'm going to buy it for you", of course I said yes. Sino ba naman ang tatanggi sa grasya, diba?
Never aim for perfection, it's a social contract.
There's no such thing. Instead, aim for progress
and you'll never falter.
-Kryz Uy

"Most people are cooler on the internet than in real life but only a few of us would ever admit it.
Going from virtual posts to tangible paperback, Kryz Uy wrote this casual guide to her seemingly glamorous trade. Get to know more about the world of blogging as one of the Philippines top bloggers recalls her more memorable misadventures.
Unplugged and uncensored, get to know a side of Kryz you'd never see online."

Before I give a little brief of the book. For those who might not know who Kryz Uy is; Kryz Uy is a famous blogger in the Philippines, people love her for her goofiness and sense of fashion. So the book has eight chapters. It started from the story back when Kryz was a little chinita girl (sisiw), to a pessimistic teenager, until she'd become who she is right now - a confident lifestyle influencer. The book includes the background story of her family and friends as well as those people who stood by her, no matter how long or short the duration of their relationships. Her life as an independent woman who went to different places to find who she is and would prefer speaking in Bisaya or English since she grew up in Cebu City. She also shared how she started blogging and how her passion evolved as well as her tips on taking and editing pictures. I also admire her different life lessons like how important self-love and gratitude is. There's so much more in the book that I can't just put down so I read it in one sit.

Once you realized how blessed you are, 
you'll see your life in new light and
be filled with joy even more.
-Kryz Uy

If you would ask me what I felt after I read the book, I felt motivated to be a real blogger. Out of realization, influencers/bloggers actually have their beginnings. I just love how unfiltered this book is and everything seems to be raw which is beautiful. Famous bloggers worked hard for what they've become, they've faced criticisms and judgments. And I think they do deserve what they are and what they have now. They once have few readers or viewers. It made me realize that I just have to keep going and work a little more harder to reach the goal. Aside from that, bloggers (any kind of bloggers) need to enjoy what they do because it's magical where our passion can take us to.

I shared on Instagram that I bumped into Kryz Uy the day my sister and I bought her book. It was a lucky day. I recognized her through her February Lifestyle crossbody and how fashionable she was-is, my mom noticed it too. The funny thing is, once I was certain that she was really Kryz Uy, I ran up to her and asked her if she was Kryz Uy. It was too sudden that I made her jump out of shock, haha. Then, I told her that we just bought her book and if I can get an autograph, and she didn't hesitate to do so. After we took photo and selfies, I asked for a hug (a typical fan would do) and gave me one without hesitation.

She was so sweet and pretty. I'm looking forward for our next meeting someday, I hope when that time comes, we could share stories and have a long meeting. As what I said on Instagram; Kryz, stay as an inspiration to all of your readers and viewers. Stay confident, humble, and grateful.

If you've come to realized that you're not being the best you can be,
then by all means, change your life! There is no reason to wait and
time to waste! Everyday is new opportunity to be better.
Take each one and run!
-Kryz Uy

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You can buy her book at National Bookstore and Fully Booked, Philippines.
It will be available worldwide this year.


  1. Oh you're so lucky. Kryz Uy is actually one of the bloggers I know who, as fashionable and as classy she is, isn't afraid to show her goofy and fun side to her fans and readers. One post, she's looking regal and the next, she looks normal in her plain white shirt. Her relationship with Slater is #Relationship Goals, no doubt! <3

    1. It was a lucky day though. I couldn't agree more with you, honestly. I know, their relationship is so cute.

      Thanks for dropping by, Elle.

  2. Kryz Uy is indeed an inspiration, and she has really nice style. Will definitely get a copy of the book for myself!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

    1. Yes she really is. Yay! I'm glad you'll get a copy.

      Thanks for dropping by, Madame X.

  3. I don't know who she is but she sounds beautiful inside and out <3

    1. Aww you might as well want to check her sites out. You'll love her.

      Thanks for dropping by, Michelle.

  4. This seems like such an interesting book! Thank you for sharing, I'm looking for something to read when I go to NYC on Friday. I'll have a look at this. :)


    1. It is an interesting book. Aww, but I'm afraid it isn't available worldwide yet. Have a safe trip to NYC and enjoy your stay.

      Thanks for dropping by, Pauline.

  5. Hope I can buy her book for my niece who is idolizing Kryz's vlogs. She has a very spontaneous thought like the speed of a jet plane. This girl is very smart and yet down to earth life form. Love much anak and God bless you more Ms. Kryz Uy Young!