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October Faves 2016

Good day! Happy Monday!

Today I will be sharing bits of pieces that I loved during the month of October from on screen to life basis. If you're nosy like me, read along.

♦  F A S H I O N  ♦

Pink Tarha

I love wearing black hijab but since people change and life moves on, I decided to buy pastel colored hijabs for a change. I bought it from my cousin which was imported from Malaysia. I never thought I would love it because I love basic colors and "kikay" colors used to make me instantly cringe. But all of a sudden, my friends and family told me that I suit wearing the color. I'm like, "whuuut you serious?" but deep inside I'm like "okay I'm going to wear it every day". I've been loving pink this October (Fads, it's Halloween, not the easter season), most of the things I buy at the moment are pink. New fave color!

This is me saying hi to pastel colored hijabs with a wink.

♦  B E A U T Y ♦

→  Olay Pinkish Fairness Cream

Have I already mentioned that I'm loving pink? Yeah, I did.

KDrama influenced me to maintain a routine to achieve that light and glowing skin. I haven't achieved the dream skin yet but I'll pray that I will, and I'll work hard for it. Haha. I love this product because after I apply my moisturizer, this comes next and it gives me a light, glowing, and pinkish look. So good for when you're running out late and you apply this then you're good to go. I love how the product makes me feel relaxed and refresh. Plus, it has UV Protection. Definitely a staple!

♦  T V  S E R I E S  ♦

→  Doctors

After watching Descendants of the Sun these previous months, I know I'm going to watch another one and since people go crazy about Doctors, I decided to watch it. Omo~ 나는 그것을 너무 많은 사랑 (I loved it so much). Google translate that.

I'm the kind of person that doesn't really care about the love story of a series or movie. I want to dig deep and get the real message of the story. What I loved about the show is, I loved how the doctors work hard generally, how the show value friendship, how the show showed that no matter how miserable you are, you will always have that one person that truly love you unconditionally.. you just need to open you heart and soul to be able to see that person. Most of all, even if you're crawling at the bottom, keep crawling until you reach your goals and dreams. You can do it, you will achieve it. Just keep moving forward.

♦  Y O U T U B E R  /  V L O G G E R  ♦

→  Carly Cristman

She's a fashion blogger and features mostly fashion related videos such tips and etc. I was being nosy and found her channel, and I loved how clever she is. I wish I could be clever but my mouth seems to speak awkward jokes so I'm just going to sit here and watch her and maybe get some tips.

♦  I N S T A G R A M M E R  ♦

→  Alec Galvez

He's a friend from high school and he's really doing good in photography. I've been noticing that since we were in high school because he damn passionately takes impressive photos then and now. I love how minimal his feed is, he must've put so much effort to maintain it.

Hi, Alec! Congrats on your 10k followers, you deserve them.

♦  P E R S O N A L  ♦

→  Madras murid

My sisters and I got enrolled in the first week of October in a madras, basically, it's an institution that teaches Muslim students about Islam and maintaining the lifestyle itself. At first, it was really hard to adjust because I'm new to the atmosphere to the point where I asked my dad to unenroll me because I wasn't really into the ambiance of it. I'm not religious and being surrounded with religious people pressures me. I was very very anxious.

Thank God, my parents forced me to do this because honestly, I'm starting to accept that this is something that I need to do not only for Allah but also for myself. They also teach Arabic language and I find that beneficial. Most of all, I love learning more about Islam now. It is hard, but I know it's worth it, it will be.

Don't bother my eyebags.
Good day!

Blog Recap:


  1. You look so good in the pastel coloured hijab!

    Abigail Alice x

  2. What a great colored Hijab you've got there.

    Vettae from So Velvet

  3. I'm not the biggest fan of pink, but the hijab looks so good on you!


  4. Alec's pictures are insanely good <3

    Love, Kandice & Thoughts

  5. I'm kinda stuck with Doctors. Does it go better as the show goes on? I think I stopped on Episode 4.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  6. There are so many people who urge me to start watching Descendants of the Sun but until now I haven't started watching it. By the way, it's nice to see you in pink hijab :)


  7. You look good in your pastel color hijab, Yes to you trying new colors. I didn't know about Doctors before, sounds good. I should check it out. Great favorites, thanks for sharing :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  8. Pink is really your colour, love! Also, the concept of that tv show sounds amazing. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  9. I'm a user of Olay Fairness Cream but I seldom use the pinkish one, though. This product is one of the reasons why I don't get pimples that much and if so, I'd only have one because of an upcoming period. hehe! :) Highly tested and proven by me. Hahaha! :D

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

  10. So pretty! I'm also a Muslim blogger from the Philippines! :)