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18 Years

I have been officially living 18 years in this world and I can proudly say that I've learned quite a lot about life. I'm trying to handle life in proper order and applying good life hacks as well. People are saying that I'm mature when it comes to serious stuff but I sure am playful and jolly at times.

At the moment, college has been challenging me and it is just getting started. I'm saying this because I failed to propose a blog post last week. I hope you understand. Despite of struggling through bloggers block, my birthday arrived and I had a stressful and happy week. Stressful stuff are things that I accept for I have learned a lot of things through it. Happy days are days that I'm more than grateful for, and I do believe "If you want rainbow, you have to deal with the rain".

Since I'm promoting positivity. I hope you'll enjoy the happy moments happened at 14th of July.

We had an election for our Major's Organization and my class was dismissed at quarter to 10AM. I've got a feeling of telling you guys that I'm standing up as Vice President in this organization. After that, my closest friends surprised me with birthday cake from Red Ribbon which was so delish. Just what I needed.
After eating the cake, we decided to go to the mall to watch a movie and roam around as well. As we arrived, we headed right away to the powder room for quick retouch because the commute was awfully exhausting, but fun. Then, we baggaged our backpacks to lessen the weight we're carrying and feel at ease.
We decided to watch Ice Age: Collision Course because we wanted to watch a movie on 3D and Ice Age was the only available movie for 3D. It's not too late and will never be too late for us to watch cartoons or animated kiddie movies, ok? Haha. I actually understood the movie although I slept like 45% of it. I can't help it. I would rate it as 2.5/5. It wouldn't make me feel sleepy if I enjoyed the movie a lot.
According to my friend, Mersalyn, she didn't feel sleepy and she loved the movie. Surely we've got different tastes and that's amazing.

When we finally got out of the cinema, we decided to eat lunch at KFC and caught up with some chitchats. Then, we went to the Roof Deck to take some pictures for memories and to post on social media because we've got nice view so why not. Thanks Carl, for being our photographer. This is probably the best thing we did the whole day. Picture taking was full of laughter and excitement discussions of our dreams. We've been friends since we were in freshmen and it's getting stronger every year. I'm more than grateful for that. Plus, I loved the view and their company.
Then we went to the arcade and they did catch a stuff toy for me. That's hella miracle, we all know how hard it is. Nice catch, Lea. Honestly, I don't fancy arcade because the noise inside annoys me. So I decided to eat my churros outside while they dance on the dance floor. We're solved up. I'm pretty happy watching them from the outside, looks like they enjoyed the day more than I did. Just kidding!

At 4PM, they decided to go home and I chose to stay to wait for my parents and my sister, Fhar. We went for a grocery shopping which was so fun because I personally love grocery shopping. Then, we ate dinner at Kim Rise. I actually just drank soup and water. I ate way too much throughout the day and my tummy needs some rest.
Anyway, after all that, I very much enjoyed the day because little things are counted. We all have to enjoy and appreciate little things in life.

To be fair, I want to share that I'm now elected as officer in two of the department's organization. The BSBA Crest (Auditor) and OM Org (Vice President). Exams and college events are fast approaching. College is really challenging me but as what Barney Stinson always say "Challenge accepted!". I'm hoping I won't fail to publish a new blog post next week but I'm planning out everything now. I want to publish new blog post twice a week again though. I need to work on that too so bear with me.

To show my gratitude:
First of all, thank you to the Almighty for everything. I would like to thank my family for always being there my whole life and whenever I needed them. I love you guys so much. I would also like to thank my long-distance friends, IC (Immanuel Cris), CJ (Christian Jayke), and Chummy (Yasmin) for being with me throughout those rough days this week despite of the distance. You guys are for keeps. Of course, thanks to my college friends, Mersalyn, Lea, Ate Gay, Melanie, Glydel, Kennie, and Carl for being with me on my birthday, and Dido, Alexis, and Riza for being such supportive friends despite of our schedule.

Thank you so much to all the greetings as well.

On my behalf, thank you to all of the people that either left me or stood with me. Thank you for the heartaches and gladness. I wouldn't be this person I am now, without these people. I've learned so much about life (spoiler on my next blog post), and I'm excited to share them with you. I'm officially 18, what's next?

 Bring it on, rain and rainbow of life.


  1. Happy birthday! Celebrating with friends and family is definitely the best way to go. Congrats on being elected for officer! Though it may be challenging, I bet it would be a really great enriching experience :) have a wonderful day

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. Thank you, Andrea. Yeah, I definitely accept the challenge for experience.

  2. Happy birthday, Fads! Better late than never, though. Hihi :) I feel so close with you just by reading your post, how I wish I can talk to you in person and discuss student life in general. Lol. I am so happy that you enjoyed your day and you've appreciated the little things in life. That's pretty good. Not all people know how to do that. Btw, I can totally relate with you with the 'Challenge Accepted' thing because I was chosen to be the Managing Editor which is the 2nd highest position in our school's newspaper and Vice President of our Letran Junior Management Society. I'm getting busy and I feel like a total career woman. Hahaha. Anyway, I am a little bit curious that you became the VP on the OM org. Is that mean your major is operations management? Mine is Marketing. Hihi :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. Thank you, Ra! Ahww thanks that's adorable, I'll love to talk with you about school. My rants are endless at the moment. Oh those are big responsibilities! I'm sure you'll slay those roles. My major is Operations Management. I knew it, I've read it somewhere. Haha.

  3. I know I'm much late, but happy birthday :D
    surprise cake is the best!
    and it's great to see how you have great best friends and friendship is getting stronger. don't ever let that go :)

    Honey - Royal Lifestyle

    1. Oh that's alright, thank you. I won't let them go, thanks for the advice.

  4. Aw it sounds like you had such a lovely birthday! You and your friends are so cute x

    1. Thank you, Cara. Really? We're actually the weirdest peer. Haha.

  5. Happy birthday!! That cake looks yummy and I'm glad you enjoyed your day :) Also, congrats on being elected for those roles!

    Pop over to my blog!


  6. Happy Birthday Fads! Glad you enjoyed your special day.
    College life is full of stress and challenges, I'm glad I'm over it. But somehow, I miss being a student. You can surpass all of those tasks and responsibilities Fads. You can do it ♥

    Wannderzel by Hazel

    1. Thanks so much, Hazel. I'm so jelly you're over college, ugh it's so stressful but I'm sure this will be worth it. Thanks.

  7. Happy Birthday lovely! The pictures look so cute and fun :) Looks like you had a nice time x


  8. que guapas, muchas felicidades amor!
    Te espero por mi ultimo post bonita, un besazo!

  9. Awww happy (belated) 18th birthday. Your friends treated you so well that day, and rightly so too ;o)


  10. Happy belated birthday. It is very cool when you can spend it with your friends and loved ones. Now that you have entered adulthood the real fun begins!

    1. Thanks! Haha, I'm actually terrified of adulthood, I think I'm not ready yet but bring it on.

  11. Belated Happy Birthday! Sound's like you had a fantastic time celebrating with your friends! :)


  12. I belated birthday! I hope you had an amazing day!
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

  13. The cake looks amazing! :D Hope you had a wonderful birthday Fahda!


    1. It was very tasty as it looks! I did, thanks beauty.