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Wanderlist: Unpopular Places To Wander

Good day!
Have you always wanted to travel? We all do. We all want to be lost in wanderlust. So here, I have several unpopular places on the list that I want to wander in the future, and I thought you'll find them interesting. 

Rosa Khutor, Krasnador Krai, Russia

The place is best known for it's skiing activities that some travelers love to experience. I found out this place through an Instagram famous blogger from Russia and she went to Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort which made me fell in love with the place. I love winter so much back when I was still in Saudi Arabia. And I mean, if you live in the Philippines for years, you would want to live in the winter side instead of sweating in this tropical country. I love scrolling through wintery places and hope that I can go there sooner.

There are lots of amazing resort in the city. Since it's summer, they offer lots of fun and leisure activities for you to enjoy your vacation. Just go to, RosaSki. 

Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, California
If you're a Filipino and you watched On The Wings of Love, then maybe you'll be familiar with the place. Speaking of winter, this place is so beautiful when it's winter, you can go skating in different private and isolated skating area. Plus, it's not only beautiful in winter but in summer as well, as you can see from the photo above. I would love to book a cabin and just unwind for few weeks there. But I would love some company, game?

Watch Jadine's travel diary exploring the Lake Tahoe. (Always)

Tallins, Estonia
Estonia isn't so popular as it should be. The town of Estonia is so much like the Iceland's, pastel-ish buildings, if you know what I mean, and it looks so royal. When I found out the place from a hijabi on Instagram, I was totally shock and ashamed that I had no idea that this place exist. And I came to realize that the world is so big that there are so many beautiful places that we're not aware of, we only know Europe and America, that's it. But since we're born to travel and wander, we will always have this journey of discovering new places. And I would love to discover things in Estonia.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

I'm sure lots of the Filipinos know this beach side in Palawan. But you guys who aren't from the Philippines, I know you're not familiar with this. Philippines has 7,107 islands and there's no way we could memorize and acknowledge every island. El Nido is obviously part of it. I found this place from a local celebrity, Bianca Gonzales, which took her honeymoon with his husband in El Nido. Bianca posted lots of videos and photos that made me fall in love with the island, because it's so quiet and peaceful. Plus, there are caves that you can explore at. 

Big Sky, Montana
Credits to Ingrid Nilsen who explored Big Sky, Montana with Shay Mitchell recently. I enjoyed the video so much and I told myself "Fads, you need to go there in the future". Big Sky is best known as the biggest skiing area. There are so many activities for you to enjoy there, cabins to relax and feel warm, and lovely dinings.

If you want to know more about it or want to go there. Well, adventure awaits for you. BookBigSky & BigSkyResort. Also, you may watch Ingrid Nilsen's video.

All photos are from Google.

Which of these places you most likely want to wander?
Love, Fads


  1. These are such great places to visit and the images are so cool!

    My Vogue Style | www.myvoguestyle.com

  2. I'm heading to Lake Tahoe in a couple of weeks! I hop to visit them all one day!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

    1. That's so amazing, if only I could go with you guys.

  3. Wonderful images! I hope I can travel to some of these places one day.


  4. Replies
    1. I know right! Thanks for dropping by, Adriana.

  5. Lake Tahoe is quite a popular place to visit, especially because it's beautiful year round - from snow in the winter to beach days in the summer. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Oh it wasn't so popular in our place. I'd love to go to Lake Tahoe in both winter and summer!

  6. Slices of heaven. El Nido looks amazing.


  7. I love the idea of this post, what a unique and interesting perspective. I've always wanted to go to Iran actually, Tehran specifically. I would love to see Golestan Palace.

    Je M'appelle Chanel

  8. Oh my, I feel like I really need a vacation! Those pictures are just amazing! I wish I could go to Rosa Khutor or Palawan as soon as possible <3




    1. Yeaah! Rosa Khutor is on my first list at the moment.

  9. Replies
    1. Yeaaah, I know. I most likely want to visit Rosa Khutor. How about you?

  10. Wow! The first picture looks like the Polar Express city :) hehe


    1. It's Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort. Looks unreal right!

  11. These are such lovely photos - I think I'd put any of these on my list of places to visit xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  12. God everywhere on this list looks SO gorgeous, especially El Nido! I really want to go on holiday now gah x

    1. I know right! El Nido is like mini Maldives. You should deffo go on a vacay now.

  13. Hi there! It has always been my dream to stay at a fancy cottage near a skying scene, the places you picked out are stunning ! love the post idea btw!

    Have a great Sunday!
    x Josune @ Your Beauty Script


  14. the places are so beautiful!! take me there, please!
    have a great day

    1. I knoooow. Let's go there together instead! Thank you.

  15. These places are all so amazing! I have been to lake tahoe and must say it really is breath taking, especially the ski trails =o)


  16. This is such a fab post lovely, I actually need to visit Lake Tahoe, what an absolutely stunning place!