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The Liebster Award

Happy Sunday! Recently, Autumn of Hopeful Faithful and Creative, nominated me on The Liebster Award Tag. Thank you. This tag helps the blogger community to discover new blogs and build up relationship with co-bloggers by asking personal and quirky questions. 

Rules must be taken into account.
- Link back the person that tagged you.
- Answer the 11 questions the person that tagged you provided.
- Post the picture.
- Tag bloggers who have less than 1000 readers and ask them 11 questions.

A U T U M N ' S 
Questions for me:

1.What's your most favourite subjects?

My favorite subject of all time would be English. And my favorite subject so far in college would be Economics because I love my prof and I've learned a lot from her, and Accounting because it might be a really difficult subject at times (well, most of the time), but it's fun to do and it helps me build up friendships when I was still shy and an introvert student back in freshmen year. 

2.If you could be any singer, who would you be?

I don't think I'll be a singer because I can probably break a glass when I sing, but if I would be, I want my voice to be close to Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. 

3.What's your favourite animal?

Elephant. They're so cute right?!

4.What kind of music do you like?

Electro and Indie musics.

5.What qualities would your fictional pet animal have?

Teleportation, flying, read people's minds, and can talk to me.

6.What's your inner animal?

I'm probably a sloth because I'm weird, and sloth looks weird so.

7.What message would you put in a fortune cookie?

Always, "Everything happens for a reason". It's my ultimate motto for everything.

8.What's your favourite number?

Fourteen. My birthday, July 14.

9.Where would you want to celebrate your 100th birthday?

Makkah, my favorite place in the world.

10.What would you name your kids if you ever had any?

Rapunzel because I've always wanted to be like Rapunzel, I just love her. And, Melody, because back when I was in highschool, my friends and I promised to name at least one of our children as Melody.

11.Do you prefer pizza or pasta?

Autumn, why are you doing this to me? Haha. Definitely both.

I nominate Hey Bash, Missing Wanderer, Nerdy Me Life, The Mayden, and Noors Place, because they are some of my favorite bloggers. Go check them out. 

Here are my lovely eleven questions:

1. I love myself because ____?
2. Why do you blog?
3. What kind of improvement you want to consider on your blog?
4. Last time you felt like a queen?
5. What is your greatest fear?
6. What is your hidden talent?
7. What's your favorite expression?
8. Cats or dogs?
9. Ultimate crush?
10. Heels or flats?
11. Snapchat or instagram?

Love, Fads


  1. Eeep! Thank you so much for the nomination! And congrats on yours! I'll try to do this, but I always forget. You got to remind me! Haha!

    I would like to visit Makkah soon. Hopefully, my family and I might be going for Umrah soon either this December or next year <3

    If I could put anything in a fortune cookie, it would be 'All debts are paid, either in life or death.' My dad would always say that, but heck, doesn't that sound like it could come out of Game of Thrones?!

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. Yes, of course. Ahw, thank you Bash. Yes, you have to do this. No worries, I'll remind you. InshaAllah, you'll visit Makkah sooner. It's the best and the most beautiful place in the world tbh. Oooh, your father is so deep. Haha.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Congrats on the award, girl. Beautiful post and answers.

  3. Congrats dear! Lovely post!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. Congrats on having your Liebster Award dear
    You deserve all the best
    It's nice to know your age-- very young yet so blossoming.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

    1. Ahw thank you. You're so nice, I hope you all the best as well. Ahw that's so sweet, thank you.

  5. Great post! Congrats on the award! It was great reading to find out a bit more about you! x


  6. Love this! I enjoyed reading your post dear.

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  7. Congratulations on your nomination and thank you for nominating me! I'll try to do this :)

    Loved reading your answers and that quote is amazing! Everything does happen for a reason, no matter if it's a bad or good thing :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thank you Leta. Of course, you're welcome. Yes, you should, its fun. Ahw thank you. Yes, I love the quote so much I always remind myself that everything happens for a reason then I'll feel at ease.

  8. Melody is definitely a pretty name! And it's great how you're enjoying your subjects. Keep it up!

    * Instagram * Facebook *

    1. Haha, pretty silly as well. Yes, they're really interesting.

  9. You qualify your fictional pet hope to be able to teleport, flying, read people's minds, and can talk to me. Same here. I was once had a cat and we casually chatting and talking as if we did really understand each other, but it's 4 years already my cat gone and not coming home. Perhaps, if he is still alive today, he is 8yo tho hahaha. Nice post Fads!

    Dayu PR.JA

  10. Love reading your answers and I would /love/ to be Taylor Swift - even for just a day!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

  11. Love all your answers!I would also love to be Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande indeed!!

    Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up

  12. Congratulations on your nomination! Elephants are so cute, especially baby ones! <3

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. Thank you. Ikr, I love them. But I haven't seen baby ones yet, I hope in the future though.

  13. Congrats on your nomination, I loved reading your answers. English is definitely my all time favourite subject as well, I love languages and studying literature. xx