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Fifteen Favorite: TV Shows

Happy Friday! Last February, I've published a blog series called Fifteen Favorite and my first post was about my fifteen favorite feelings which a lot of you can relate. Watching Hollywood TV Shows is one of my interests, I love watching TV shows. So today, I'm going to share my top fifteen TV shows that I most like to watch. Let's get to it!

1. G A M E  O F  T H R O N E S

I know what you're thinking, "OMG, you're watching porn". Okay I just want to clear that the nudes and the unpredictable dash unexpected dash unusual bed (anywhere) scene are not my interests, and I don't intend to watch it because I personally and honestly don't like it. It's disgusting. Well, what I love about this TV show is the plot itself. They are competing with the thrones, lots of killing, betrayals, woman giving awesome birth into three freaking dragons, and a lot more. At first, I really don't want to watch it but my friend Kriezel forced me because she really loved it and she said that the plot of the series from time to time are unique and well written. So I tried it, and the show flipping blew my mind. It's amazing. I highly recommend it. And it's the Top 1 most watched and most popular show. Again, Top 1. Enough reason to watch it. 

Btw, Season 6 is coming on April 27. Let's watch out.

2. H O W  I  M E T  Y O U R  M O T H E R

Who loves this show so much? Me! I keep on re-watching some episodes because I haven't and will not delete the 9 seasons episodes in my laptop. I mean, these episodes cheer me up when I'm feeling a little bit upset. For those who haven't watch this, please do. It's amazing. Don't think that you won't be able to watch the freaking 9 seasons because it's long because each episode only consist of 20 minutes. I finished the whole seasons for one week. Once you get attached, you will not want to stop watching it. You'll love each character of the show. I promise.

The ending was kinda predictable. I know it'll happen, so it didn't shock me at all. Because she's the first. So she'll be the last. I'm not trying to put out a spoiling statement because I know not all have already watched it. For those who did, did the ending disappointed you? Well me, it didn't because I was already predicting it. But I would love R and B together forever. The thing is, life is full of surprises like what happened to B being a daddy, literally.

3. T E E N  W O L F

I already wrote and shared how much I love this show over on my February Faves 2016.

4. A R R O W

This show made me love DC over Marvels. Sorry, Marvels. Well, I love them both but not in the same rate. What I love about this show is Oliver Queen itself. I mean, he's amazing right? His moves, bravery and love for his family is beyond my expectation towards a chick boy billionaire. He's beyond that, he's something else. I will not stop watching this show until the end of it. I just love it so much!

5. T H E  F L A S H

Ooh yes, Barry Allen is one of a kind. He's a superhero, scientist, and has great sense of humor. I mean, what else do you need. I love this show because it opens up a lot of science fictional theories and legit research and information about science. Sometimes, when they speak science language, I just don't completely understand until they act them out. Haha! Science is not my thing but they're interesting and mind blowing. The continuing mind blowing plot of the show is just amazing and very unique.

PS: I love Cisco too.

6. S H A N N A R A  C H R O N I C L E S

MTV produce shows that are composed of fine looking characters. This show is definitely one of them. I mean, it's shocking how good looking each one of the characters are. From Teen Wolf to Shanna Chronicles. How are you doing this MTV? Great job though because personally, I think this is one of the reason why I love the show. Shannara Chronicles which according to some, is a game, which I believe is true because there are Elves, Trolls, Gnomes, and other creatures which I think are some characters in games. So, the genre and plot of the show are new to me, so it excites me so much when a new episode come out and just can't wait for the next episode next week. Season 1 finale was a cliff hanger, it makes me so excited for the next season. 

When's the next season?

7. S U P E R G I R L

Girl power! Yes! A woman who's as strong as Superman, that's Kara Danvers, ladies and gentlemen. I love Kara because I wish I have her super long patience, even though her boss mouths at her all the time. She just can't get mad that easy and her patience is beyond any thing else. I love the show because it promotes girl power itself. And even though her boss Cat Grant is probably the meanest boss, she still has a heart and her professionalism is goal.

Anyway, I love Melissa Benoist since Glee. And if you used to watch Smallville, Lois Lane's sister Lucy is in the show and they look similarly the same. I mean, they really look like sisters.

8. T H E  1 0 0

Wow wow for this show. The evolution and revolutionary acts of this show is beyond our imagination. The sky people and grounders continuing war is unstoppable, clans are unstoppable. This show is unstoppably amazing. I don't know how to reason out why I love it without spoiling. So just go watch it yourself. And beware of its amazingness.

9.  S C R E A M  Q U E E N S

What a popular show! Because of the way Chanel Oberlin talks, I mean:
Chanel Oberlin: I'll have a Trenta, no foam, five-shot half-caf, no foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees. 
Pete Diller: First of all, that's really hot. That's two degrees below boiling. 
Chanel Oberlin: I'm sorry, did I enter a wormhole to a universe where this coffeehouse does not possess the technology to heat my favorite autumnal tradition to 210 degrees? I like my pumpkin spice lattes extra hot, so please comply with my request. 
Pete Diller: But extra hot is 170 degrees. 
Chanel Oberlin: I'm sorry, does your job description entail arguing with your customers, thereby delaying the moment at which they receive the irresistible nutmeggy sweetness of the extra hot, no foam, pumpkin spice latte they've been thinking about all day? I mean, God! 

Look, you'll love her. Plus, Ariana Grande was a guest at the first few episodes.

10. P R E T T Y  L I T T L E  L I A R S

People go crazy with this show, like I used to. This is actually the first Hollywood show I've ever watched. This show is the reason why I indulge myself in the world of TV shows. Haha. I love how thrilling the plot is. I mean, when -A is all over the place and I keep on guessing who was the -A and none of them are actually the true -A, I'm like okay, that's two thumbs up for the writers. But the second part of the season pretty disappoints me, I've already missed lots of episodes though. Because I can't digest the fact that Spencer and Caleb is together, not a big fan of them. I'm Haleb, Spoby, and Ezria fan you know. So if ever those three got back together without me knowing, please do tell me in the comment bar below, so I can catch up as soon as possible. Thanks!

11. M A R V E L ' S  A G E N T S  O F  S H I E L D

Top 3 most popular show. Yes! Y'know why? Because it's awesome and thrilling. Do you remember Hydra? Yes, it's a corporation in this show and they're just unstoppable and nowhere to find. But I hope soon in the upcoming seasons, they'll catch the son of a beach. Please do watch this if Marvel is your thing. I love Marvel (not as much as DC). 

12. S C R E A M

Hashtag Who Is The Killer throughout the season. And ends up with an unexpected cast. But I think there's another one, of course, they're still releasing the next season which I'm excited about. Scream is thrilling and horrifically brutal. If that's your thing, watch this. I watch this because that's my thing.

13. i Z O M B I E 

A Doctor Zombie who doesn't go around eating brains and murdering people, that's Liv Moore. She's totally normal, just undead. And I love her whole experience of being a zombie. Adapting the personality and talents of a person by eating his brain. Don't worry, she eats brain legally. She works in the Seattle Police Department in the autopsy area. You know what that means, free brain without killing the person because someone already killed him. That's the catch, so Liv won't feel any guilt, she'll find the killer for justice. Don't worry, I didn't spoil you that much because there are way more about the zombie Liv. Watching her journey is highly recommended. 

14. L U C I F E R

This show was recently recommended by my friend Beatle. He forced me to watch it and he even gave me the first few episodes right away after he told me about the show. Thanks Beat! I really love the show. I love Lucifer's charm. He's amazing, I mean, not because he's entirely rude and a complete insensitive devil but because he has great sense of humor. And he's becoming a human, well kinda. It's a new show, so we have to watch out whatever will happen to the devil. Let's see.

15.  D C ' S  L E G E N D S  O F  T O M O R R O W

DC FOR THE WIN. Most of the characters are from Arrow and Flash. CW channel is being uncontrollably out of the circle. They always cross over their DC shows. There is no other channel better than this. Arrow, Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Did you know that Flash also went to Supergirl? It was an exciting episode. I love the show because it's so techie and I feel like every episode is like a Sci-Fi movie. Highly recommended.

What is your ulimate favorite tv show?
Love, Fads


  1. I looooove scream queens haha! x
    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com

  2. I love Scream! I watched it on Netflix and now I can't wait for series 2!!

    |White Shirt Chic|

    1. Yes! What a great show right? Brutal but awesome.

  3. So many great shows!! I watched almost every one of them, but I want to see game of thrones so bad! I have to find time haha


    1. Well, that's great. Yes, please do find some time, it's going to be worth it. I promise.

  4. great shows! I didn't watch the 100, should give it a try

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other?

    1. Yes, please do. It's unique and awesome, just totally different from others, I'm telling you.

  5. I love PLL, The Vampire Diaries and recently I'm obsessed with Modern Family!!

    1. Vampire isn't my thing, so I chose not to watch it. But Modern Family is on my list now because a lot of people have been recommending it because they said it's a great show for chilling.

  6. These shows all sound great! Thank you for sharing, I may have to watch some of them ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Yes, they are. Ahw that's okay, Amy. You should some of them, it'll be worth it.

  7. Literally so many of my favourite shows here as well. I love the 100, Game of Throne, Teen Wolf, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, DC Legends and Pretty Little Liars!


  8. IZOMBIE! THE FLASH! GAME OF THRONES! Are we like twins?!

    I love watching GoT, and I watch it with my parents so I essentially watch 'tits and dragons' with them and it's perfectly okay hahaha. It's so hard to find someone who watches iZombie! I love the TV show and I'm planning to read the comics soon. Awesome!

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. I think we are twins, haha! I never watch GoT with my parents because I know they'll mouth at me for hours. But we do watch Arrow together, they love the show, and so do I. And I would love to read the comics of iZombie too. I should probably go find where I can buy it.

  9. i love teen wolf too! x

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  10. GIRL,PLL - Caleb and Hanna lowkey get together in the season finale! I don't wanna spoil much but the season finale was a pretty good ep! x


    1. REALLY? I'll definitely catch up soon, thanks for telling me, now I'm excited to watch it.

  11. Oh, I didn't know half of these! I need to step up my tv shows game, haha. I love Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, PLL, Scream Queens and AHS. Those had to be my faves :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. That's alright. I need to watch AHS, seems like everyone love it.

  12. I love Scream and Scream Queens!! Such good shows! Xx

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  13. I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars! It's such a beautifully thought out show! And I've always wanted to get into Game of Thrones I really should, it sounds amazing! I haven't seen many of these shows so thanks for giving me loads to put on my to watch list! x

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

    1. I was obsessed with PLL. But recently, it's bugging me, but it's still one of my faves. Now I know that the season finale was a pretty good episode. I will catch up soon. And Leigh, you'll never regret watching Game of Thrones. I promise. Ahww, that's alright, it's my pleasure to share it with you guys.

  14. My fav TV shows are Blacklist and Suits. I am super conservative when it comes to TV shows haha so I tried to get into GOT but I couldn't get past the multiple rape/sex/murder scenes etc :\ I'm just a kid at heart I guess!

    Fran x

    1. Ahww, that's alright. People got different tastes and that's fine.

  15. Oh wow, I would never be able to keep up with 15 shows, that must take some crazy good time management! I know what you mean with PLL, it just seems to drag on. But there's 1 season left, so I'm hoping they do some actual explaining this time.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. I'm watching more than 15 shows. Gotta be honest, it's hard to watch more than 15 shows, but I still love watching. They entertain my spare time, so.

      I know, PLL disappoints me recently but they said the finale was a pretty good episode, so I should catch up soon.

  16. I just finished watched How I Met Your Mother and it was amazing! I definitely want to get into watching Game of Thrones! :)


    1. Seee! HIMYM was an amazing show. Yay! Go ahead watch it, it'll be worth it.

  17. I'm a television junkie and I pretty much watch all of these shows! I'm not caught up with Arrow or Flash so defo need to that, but I loved Scream Queens and iZombie is amaze!
    I've recently become OBSESSED with Grey's Anatomy!

      Go watch Arrow and Flash, please. You'll never regret it, they're amazing. They do crossovers and it's pretty exciting.

  18. I'm soooo excited for the new season of Game of thrones OMG!!! :)

    xx Jamie | With Love, Jamie

  19. Is it crazy that I have yet to start any of these shows?! Especially since most of them have bene on for years.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

    1. Ahww, you should go watch at least one of them. I'm gonna recommend How I Met Your Mother for relaxing time and Game of Thrones for intense one.

  20. Great picks, I love Nashville!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  21. Absolutely stunning! Hope you can also check out my latest post. xx

    Style For Mankind

  22. Great shows! I love and watch scream and how I met your mother though you're probably a bigger fan than I am. Have a fab day.


  23. Great shows! I absolutely love How I Met Your Mother!

  24. Great selection! I still haven't seen Scream Queens though!
    I love the 100, I watched the whole first two season in around 3 days

    Lizzie | Garland Girl

  25. I watch Agents of Shield and somewhat Supergirl! I am definitely Team Marvel over Team DC, but I've see a few episodes of Arrow and The Flash looks pretty interesting.

    7% Solution