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Fifteen Favorite: F E E L I N G S

Happy friday! Here's another blog series I thought I'd do for as long as I can. "Fifteen favorite", featuring things that I love on different categories. So watch this out and enjoy the entire blog post. Tell me if you relate with some these. 

1.  P E E K  O F  D A W N
I'm a morning person but I usually just stay inside the house until the sun come up because I do lots of things in the morning so I don't have much time to go out, believe me. But when I get the chance to peek the dawn for a little while, it feels amazing inside. It's like a chance to begin again, and do better today. And since I thought of this, I will try my best to peek the dawn everyday. Plus, I love how purplish it is, it reminds me of Ariana Grande.

2.  F I R S T  S I P  O F  G R E E N  T E A
If you've already read my previous blog about my January Faves, you know that I mentioned about being inlove with green tea. I don't drink coffee for months, and now I can finally say that I don't crave coffee anymore. Yes! 

3.  E A R L Y  M O R N I N G  C O M M U T E
Most of my days are school days and I know some of you are as well. I go to school earlier than my class starts because I wanted to be ready for school everyday, you know sometimes it takes time. And on my way there, it's an early and peaceful morning. I love staring at the sea side while I'm in the jeepney. It's helping me to think positive and appreciate my commute everyday to school.

4.  L A U G H I N G
Of course, laughing will always be one of my favorite feelings because who doesn't like laughing, none. The happiness you feel while laughing will always be the reason to make you feel grateful for that moment.

6.  H U G S 
If you are one of my closest friends, you know that I'm clingy. I love hugging people because I want to let them know that they're important to me and I appreciate them. Or maybe, I'm just really clingy.

7.  M Y  M O M
She basically mean the world to me. We're like twins, when she laugh, I laugh and when she cry, I cry. She's a part of me, forever. I find comfort and love when I'm with her and I couldn't ask for a better mom, because she's already the best.

8.  R E A D I N G  T H E  C L I M A X  O F  A  N O V E L
If you're a bookworm like I am. You already know what I mean, the feeling of not wanting to put down the book and you just want to finish that chapter and another chapter and another chapter because you're already reading the climax and you just want everyone to shut up. I know how it feels and I love it.

9.   F A M I L Y  A N D  B E S T F R I E N D S
I just love the feeling when I'm with them especially when we're having a great time chitchatting and laughing. These are the people I'm never gonna stop appreciating and people that I'll never left behind.

10.  S T A R G A Z I N G
I'm an astrophile, I have great love for stars. They're just wonderfully beautiful and it makes me love the night. I also want to learn about them, their pattern and all sort of stuff. But I'm going to need a telescope, or maybe I just need determination to do it. Soon.

11.  W A T C H I N G  T H E  S U N S E T
I'm sure most of the people today love sunset and yes, I'm included. It just look so beautiful and we appreciate it so much. "Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too".

12.  E A T I N G  Y U M M Y  M E A L
Because we all love food. Who doesn't? That feeling of the first spoon of that yummy meal, yeah I know right.

13.  A F T E R  W O R K O U T
I hate working out. I just push myself and ending up loving the feeling after the workout. I'm so lazy in the beginning and most of the time, I don't workout at all even though I've already plan on working out. I think, for those who are working out, you know what I mean. But I love the feeling after my workout because "Yes! I'm done!" and I know it's all worth it because beauty is pain.

14.  C O N V O  W I T H  C H U M M Y
Yasmin a.k.a Chummy is my best friend from another country called Saudi Arabia. We were friends since I was in highschool back when I was still in Saudi Arabia and I moved here in the Philippines for college. But we still talk through facebook and record voices as well. We both are very busy and our time zone never match. So we just leave messages and stories about our life. We only talk properly when one of us is staying up all night. Our friendship and the way we treat each other remained the same which is really impressive. I love her because she's the truest person I've ever met, truest friend.

15.  B E I N G  G R A T E F U L  & P O S I T I V E
These two feelings make me love to live my life and appreciate every thing that's happening to me. Being grateful is something that I love to feel because no matter how much trash life throw in my face, I know there's something better God gave me, and for that I'm forever grateful for everything and for my life. Thinking positively is such an amazing feeling because let's be honest we just fully feel this in rare moments. It's hard to think positive sometimes when life throws shit numerously into our faces. But after all, let's be grateful and believe that everything happens for a reason, and it's always our choice to choose happiness over negative stuff.

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  1. Love this post! Very inspirational! I rather enjoy the morning commute and the early part of the day as well, everyone's at their freshest!

    xo, a l i c e / T Y P E N U

    1. Thank you, Alice. I know right, I love mornings.

  2. Wow sincerely I love it your favorites. The dawn is very cute but like I spend the most of dawns stressed I don´t know I don´t feel that magical feeling that I can feel with SUNSETS. The hugs are of my fav things~ Are so cute and I feel really better with a hug. I´m not a clingy person but I love it the hugs too. My mom I love it her too much~ She is my everything. Hahahaha I´m BOOKDRAGON and sometimes a BOOKWORM too. That is the most amazing feeling, reading the climax is like wow I just need know what the hell happens in this novel. Lovely post your blog is very great I´m not very positive but I´m trying.


    1. Thank you. I agree with you regarding with the sunsets being magical, yes it is. It's hard to think positive especially when you're having a bad day or mood. Always try and always force yourself. You'll find positivity in you, as long as you're willing.

  3. Love this list! I can only agree with you! xx

    Hannie Arden from <a href="http://www.missingwanderer.org”>missingwanderer.org</a>.

  4. I am trying to avoid coffee but I just couldn't. I know it's just discipline but hey, it's pretty difficult specially that I'm totally addicted to it. How were you able to avoid it?

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. I know it's hard to avoid it, especially when we think it runs through our veins. The secret to get rid of it, is to push yourself to get rid of it. Find something new, like hot choco or tea. I don't actually drink tea before, I felt like it's just for elder people. But when I found out the benefits, I fell in love. When craving starts, drink a cup of any hot beverage, except coffee. Just try, it's all up to you.

  5. What a great read!

    Hope you’re having an amazing Saturday! Kisses,

  6. Loved this post and your beautiful pictures :)


  7. This is an adorable post! Love it! xx


  8. This was such a cute and heartwarming post. I love these favorites and it's so important to remember these, even the little things like the first sip of tea.

    Via Sora

    1. Thank you. Yeah, we need to appreciate little things in life because they matter.

  9. The climax of a novel is the best for me! The rush and relief... outstanding!

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  10. I think that I am going to love these series! I can relate so much. I love reading book and getting that feeling when you about to hit the climax of the chapter. I seriously have a problem, I can not stop reading when I start! Also, family is such an important part of my life and I love the feeling I get when I am hanging out with them :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  11. I totally agree with the peek of dawn! I start the day with a different energy when I see it. Also I love green tea so this two combine are perfect!


    1. Yeah, the feeling of starting over again and realization of another chance to do better. I totally agree with you.

  12. I also love watching sunset, it's relaxing for me :)


    1. Yes, it relaxes everyone which is a amazing because it has such a wonderful role to all of us.

  13. Loved this idea! I can definitely relate to every item you have listed - except I'll change the green tea for some hot choco. xx

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

    1. Thanks Richel! Ahw, hot choco is amazing as well, should've put it in the list though. But maybe next time.

  14. I like this kind of posts!