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First Pregnancy Update + How We Found Out

“Everything you’re currently experiencing is a temporary
transition that’s leading you somewhere beautiful.”

Beginning of this year was definitely full of surprises and plot twists. Now that we’re at the middle of the year, I believe say that it’s still being good to me. New experiences and challenges are things I had face for the past months, that’s because I got pregnant! And I’m so excited for the coming months.

Review: Mary Kay At Play


On a bad day, wear good lipstick.

     Hello, beautiful souls. It has been awhile since we’ve chitchat about beauty and makeup; topics we all love to exchange ideas and thoughts with our closest besties. Since I consider you as one of my closest besties, we’re going to talk a bit about these new lippies and cheekies Mary Kay has sent me.

The Plot Twist

So the adventure begins.

Tying the knot was definitely the least engagement in my mind few months ago. Fresh graduate, rookie in working industry, a little girl with big goals- that sums me up. Who would’ve thought that I would spontaneously get married? No one, neither did I.