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Minor Declutter For A Week

Minimalism is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.
Minimalism is not hard to do, it’s a way to put your mind at ease.

I haven’t decluttered my stuff and digital files for months. Now that I have a little time to and is very itchy to declutter because I feel like I have already piled my stuff and digital files. It’s officially causing me piled up thoughts so I’m overwhelmed. We don’t want that.

Good day.

So I’ve decided to declutter, step by step, day by day, for a week. Because I know I can’t do it overnight. These following steps are based on my lifestyle and what I can declutter minorly for a week but feel satisfied and relieved at the end of the week of how much space I actually created for my life.

But before I jot down the steps. The question is, how to declutter? The answer is, Konmari Method.
  • Pile up all your stuff from a certain category. 
  • Then go through all of them one by one.
  • Ask yourself, if this still gives spark in your life?
  • Or, will you still wear/need this for the next 6 months?
  • Or, have I worn/need these for less than 6 months?

What are you going to do with the stuff you’re not keeping?
  • Store
  • Recycle
  • Donate

Now that you are settled with the guide on how to declutter, here’s my day by day guide of category to declutter. 

Day 1: Clothes
I’ve started practicing minimalism back in 2017. Since then, I’ve always minimized myself from shopping for clothes. Now, it’s an allergy to me when I see a lot of piled clothes. So basically, I only have a few. Three dresses are exiting my wardrobe because they got trimmed shorter than expected and they don’t make me happy anymore. 

However, I’ve just store them with my unused clothes because I’m still thinking whether to sell them, recycle them, or give it to friends. Let’s see.

Day 2: Miscellaneous stuff 
I have one basket where I dump all my miscellaneous stuff like beauty products, hygiene products, accessories, and others. So I’ve decided to declutter and tidied it up because I notice myself rolling my eyes whenever I see the “messy” basket.

Day 3: Memorabilias
This category is my most fave to declutter because each item brings back good memories and I always love the reminiscing feeling. So, I’ve always kept receipts that hold good memories. I like using them as a prop whenever I bullet journal before. But now, I’m just keeping them for future bullet journaling sesh. 

However, this time I’ve thrown away a few of the receipts because it just doesn’t give spark anymore, and I have this question in my head when I hold each receipt “Why did you even keep this?”. 

Day 4 & 5: Phone files (Gallery, Notes, and Apps)
Since the beginning, I know that this will be the hardest category to declutter because it takes effort to decide whether to delete or keep a photo, and it takes so much time as well. However, I’ve successfully taken down 2.5k to 1.4k photos and transferred them on my laptop for back up. Then, emptied the recycle bin. 

I’ve also got rid of notes that I no longer need and apps that I no longer use.

Day 6: Laptop files
If I’m going to be completely honest decluttering my laptop files made me so excited because I may have a clean desktop screen, God knows my files are messy beyond imagination. I went from Documents to Videos. Also made a few new folders to get the files organized and easy to look at.

Then, last but not the least is emptying the recycle bin. After I did this, I was so relieved that finally it's done and my files are finally organized. Phew.

I shared my day by day decluttering over on my ig story. Keep up with them on my highlight called "declutter".

The Astron

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