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Sheika's Oven in Zamboanga City

Gov Camins Ave, Zamboanga City, Philippines

Hello beautiful souls of Zamboanga City. It has been a while since I made a review about different goodness in this economically growing little city of the Philippines. The day has come for yours truly to go out and try new goodness in town then sit down to write honest review and impressions. Let’s start, shall we?

I’ve been eyeing this newly renovated cakery + cafe called Sheika’s Oven. Not just the name caught my attention, also these pretty photos of the establishment roaming around Instagram. So I made a promise to myself to take a visit when I get the chance to, and I finally did.

Sheika’s Oven is a humble little cakery + cafe fronting Marcian Hotel in Gov. Camins Ave. They offer cakes, pastries such as muffins and cookies, iced and hot coffee, tea, and refreshers. Their price ranges between 70 pesos to 195 pesos, which I believe is reasonable and pretty affordable compared to other fancy cafes in town.

My sister and I went for a Choco Butternut Cake Slice because who would say no for some choco butter nut. Although, it didn’t match Dunkin’ Donuts' choco butter nut doughnuts, the filling definitely caught my attention and fell in love.

I decided to get some Pizza Rolls as well because I was craving for pizza. So let me just tell you, it was a pizza bomb. I definitely unshamefully devoured it because the amount of cheese is just.. chunky and flowing. Yummy!

As for the drinks, my sister went for the Ice Blended Oreo Coffee and I went for a non coffee drink which is Sheika’s Hot Chocolate. According to my sister, her drink is okay because it just tastes like any other ice blended oreo drink which I believe is reasonable because when did an oreo tastes any different.

As for my Sheika’s Hot Chocolate, I didn’t expected that it will taste like a smore hot chocolate drink. There were marshmallows on top and what caught my attention is the cinnamon added to the drink which I don’t fancy, because I’m not into cinnamon to begin with. However, my sister really liked this drink because she’s apparently a cinnamon lover which she only found out when she tried the drink. Yes ladies and gentlemen, she devoured it.

Now let’s talk about the millenial design and humble ambience. Since they expanded the place, they have made instagrammable and playful backdrops for customers to take picture with, there are also books on the shelf you can read while chilling, and the ambience is good for meetings, group studying, and chilling alone while working or reading. However, there is no wifi in this establishment which I think is a business strategy.

Overall impression, I would definitely go back to this cafe for their cakes, relaxing ambience, and friendly staffs. If you might not know, I've also done a review about this cakery + cafe before it was renovated. Check out the before and after of Sheika's Oven here

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