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Second Pregnancy Update + How Is Baby Boy

Zamboanga City, Philippines

It's the last stretch!

It’s the last stretch! Another phase of my pregnancy has gone and as I enter the third trimester of my pregnancy, I definitely have seen so much changes in my mind, body, and pregnancy.

The arrival of Ber Months is a reminder that I’m close to ending this pregnancy and close to welcoming a blessing into this world. Although, I’m eager to get my hands on another version of myself plus my husband’s, it’s still sad to think that I only have few months of embracing him in my womb and enjoy the first pregnancy of my life.

So here are few updates from my second trimester of pregnancy:

As I’ve mentioned on my previous update, I dealt with dry skin and haggardness due to constant exhaustion. However, on my second trimester, my skin got lighter and softer, plus I never once got any acne/pimple which has saved so much of my confidence because I don’t know what to do if I have to deal with acne. So I’m very grateful for that.

Apparently I’m dealing with two uncommon pregnancy symptoms that has made an impact on my physical appearance. I’ve grown natural brown hair and my eyebrow is being plucked by itself (lol) which I find quite weird and amusing because I’ve never heard anyone I know who have gone through these pregnancy symptoms. Truly, pregnancy hormones works unimaginably.

Last but not the least is of course, my bump and weight. Few weeks ‘til the end of my second trimester, people around me were claiming that my bump is quite small compared to other preggies which made me anxious but thankfully according to my doctor, it’s perfectly normal because I’m still young and it depends on the mother’s figure.

Talking about my figure, I’ve gained three kilos during my pregnancy so far. As of now, baby boy is weighing one kilo which is thankfully the right weight for him. So technically, I’ve gained two kilos so far during my entire pregnancy which quite affected the measurement of my thighs and cheeks (according to my bully husband).

If you might be wondering; how about stretch marks and armpit shade? Thankfully, I have no stretch marks on my tummy (hopefully never) but I suddenly noticed a few on my inner thighs. And my armpits didn’t darken.

As I have noticed, my pregnancy made more of an impact on me emotionally than physically -positively and negatively. Life changes have made me so grateful of everything I have and everyone around me. So feeling a bit negatively makes me feel shameful because (duh) there are a lot of things I have to be grateful and happy for. And this mindset has continued with me throughout my pregnancy.

Anxiety has quite got into me during this trimester. I was being anxious regards to the health of my baby boy, what my life would be after I give birth, and other usual concerns a pregnant woman would have which is completely normal. However seeking for answers and believing that everything will flow well has helped me deal with these issues.

I’m so emotionally sensitive which I believe has been a problem ever since day one of my pregnancy. If someone told me something that can possibly hurt my feelings recklessly, it’s going to stay on my head the entire day or two, or more days. It’s exhausting. But one thing that helped me get through this is my husband because he is simply my happy pill, and the mindset that I need to make an effort not to tolerate these negative feelings for a very long time. Embrace the pain then set yourself free, that's the rule.

Based on the observation of my behavior, I easily allow negative feelings and situations get into me but I also easily let them go by allowing the positive mindset I’ve grown into my life work magically. Above all, gratitude is also one of the best weapon to get through negative vibes, because if you are sincerely grateful, you allow yourself to only see the good things.

Oh and also, this second trimester, my energy level has gone back to normal which means, I’m totally fine with going out for groceries, doing household chores, and hanging out with friends. 

I constantly get backaches now because my pelvic floor is adjusting for baby boy’s growth inside my womb. Also, I do get heartburns every time I eat which I find extremely uncomfortable but apparently it’s normal due to pregnancy hormones.

We can’t always assure how well a baby’s health inside a woman’s womb. However, I always pray that my baby boy is healthy and growing beautifully. So according to my recent ultrasound, he has no cleft lip, his cord isn't coiled, and there is no sign of hydrocephalus. Also, the technician has showed me his whole body and Alhamdulillah, he is fine and his measurement is exactly what is appropriate for his stage. In shaa Allah, may he remain healthy and well.

If you might be wondering, how about his movements? Well, he moves and stretches a lot now thankfully, but I still have not figured out his pattern of movements. I used to be concern about identifying his real kicks because apparently, I still couldn’t. His movements are frequent but never painful. I believe that he is a gentle baby in my womb, but we don’t know what would happen if he’s already out in this world. We’ll figure that out.

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