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Gender Reveal + Old Wives' Tales That Are Right

Hello beautiful souls. Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I’ve been hearing stories of pregnancy experiences, old wives tales, and coping up with changes during pregnancy, from one person to another. Now that we’ve confirmed our little one’s gender, I can finally test out those old wives tales that are right for me.

Since I’m halfway through my pregnancy, I know it’s a great time to find out our little one’s gender. I’m so excited to announce that we are having a baby BOY! I honestly couldn’t believe it because I was confident that we were going to have a baby girl. I even posted a poll on IG Story and it came out that a lot of us thought it was a girl.

But after we found out our little baby is a boy, we couldn’t imagine it being any other way. We are already thinking of his little charm, how my husband would bring him to the mosque, and of course, it will be so much fun picking out outfits for him.

Now that I saw his little face and body, how he has no defects, and he’s fine, I feel more at ease because I couldn’t help but overthink and worry about his welfare inside my womb during the past months. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Finding out little one’s gender was definitely an exciting phase of my pregnancy, so it’s just natural for me to hear and read some old wives tales and somehow try to predict our little one’s gender. However, I don’t believe in old wives tales because I know that every woman has their own unique experience of pregnancy and these predictions are mostly false. But it won’t hurt to see which of these old wives tales are a spot on for me.

So these predictions are based on an app my husband and I installed perfect for new and expecting parents like us, called Baby Center. Read here for the full list of old wives tales.

001: You’re carrying low.
Since my bump started to be visible, it has always been low. But now that it’s bigger, I’ve noticed that it became pointy and still sits low.

002: You’re blooming in pregnancy.
While I was still working, during my first trimester, one of my colleague told me that I looked haggard because I was constantly exhausted and my face was so dry that my make-up doesn’t really do much in fixing me up.

However, now I’m on my second trimester, I’ve been hearing compliments from one to another that I look blooming. My skin has come back to normal and my make-up adds more to the glow. Hoping that this will last ‘til the end of my pregnancy.

003: You didn’t suffer from morning sickness in your first trimester.
Luckily, I didn’t suffer from morning sickness during my first trimester, this has contributed so much on my previous work and mental health to keep myself sane from all the changes I’m currently experiencing.

004: Your skin becomes dry.
Referring to the previous myth. I had a very dry skin during the first trimester, but now it’s back to normal and I’m feeling good about it.

005: You are more prone to headaches.
I experienced constant headaches during my first trimester but on my second trimester, I get them every now and then.

006: You lie on your left side when sleeping.
I usually sleep on my right side but since I was send to the hospital twice during my pregnancy due to gastritis, I started to sleep on my left since it’s advisable to do so. Now, I’ve noticed that I feel more comfortable sleeping on my left than right side.

Now that I’ve jot that all down, I still believe that they are just random coincidences, but it was fun to know what turned out to be true for me on the list. Since we now know the gender of our little one, it’s time to step on the next phase, which is finalizing our baby boy’s name and registry.

The Astron

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