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Review: Mary Kay At Play


On a bad day, wear good lipstick.

     Hello, beautiful souls. It has been awhile since we’ve chitchat about beauty and makeup; topics we all love to exchange ideas and thoughts with our closest besties. Since I consider you as one of my closest besties, we’re going to talk a bit about these new lippies and cheekies Mary Kay has sent me.

      Mary Kay has recently launch a new collection of lippies and cheekies called Mary Kay At Play. So, let’s start the game with these Mary Kay At Play Lip and Cheek Stick available in shades of Pinkin’ Out Loud, Peach Pop, and Razzleberry. The shades may be poppin’ in person and looks intimidating to put on the cheek, but it still is buildable due to its creamy formula. As for when you apply it to your lips, they are more on the natural side and gives you a subtle look.

      However, if you’re like me who likes it natural looking, Peach Pop shade is the best for us. I wear it on my cheeks mostly every day because of its easy and smooth application that gives super-soft finish look. Plus point is, it’s pretty long lasting compared to powdered blushers.

     Nonetheless, the only downside I’ve noticed of this product is, it got a little bit messy on my makeup pouch due to its ink packaging that came off and scattered all over. *sigh*

     Next, we’re going to tackle about the Mary Kay At Play Matte Lip Gloss which has 16 killer shades to suit every mood. Although it has a gloss applicator, it still gives matte-velvet finish look perfect for work or play.

     As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m more of on the subtle side rather on the bold side and this collection offered a lot of nerve-wracking bold shades perfect for beauty explorers. As for my taste, I settled on Spicy Red shade which pops out my lips but is definitely not too bold. I use it everyday to work because I don’t have to re-apply from time to time, so I’m thankful for this product for its long lasting effect due to its matte formula and gives velvet finish look which keeps it lightweight and blooming.

     However, my lips tend to naturally crack most of the time so when I use this product alone, it really contributes on those cracks. So in order to lessen that misfortune, I always use lipbalm beneath the product. Then, tadaa! I’m good to go with no worries of chapped lips. 

The Astron

PS: This is not a sponsored post.
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