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The Plot Twist

So the adventure begins.

Tying the knot was definitely the least engagement in my mind few months ago. Fresh graduate, rookie in working industry, a little girl with big goals- that sums me up. Who would’ve thought that I would spontaneously get married? No one, neither did I.

Makeup By: Sitts Marlan
    This year began by the words astonishment and gratitude. I got engaged in December, and got married in February. Believe it or not, yes I only got two months to prepare for my wedding. And you’re right, the hassle was at its maximum level. However, I’m beyond grateful for my family and my groom’s (now my husband) family, because they wholeheartedly helped out to organize the wedding.

     We didn’t hire a coordinator but we did have a decorator and he lend a hand on coordinating and for that I’m deeply grateful. Organizing this event was astonishing for me because I’ve pushed myself to my limits in a good way, I’ve appreciated my mom because she went beyond to help me out on this and was extra supportive, I’ve never thought how important this day was until I became passionate on being hands on on organizing, and I’ve seen magic happened.

Groom and Bride Attire By: My Beloved Aunt

February 13th of 2019, I got married!

   The most awaited day has arrived and surprisingly it was hassle-free. My dress came out beautifully, my make-up was magical, and my family was sparkly dashing. Everything was on its right place. My mom, my groom’s (now my husband) family, and I poured out sweat and blood on organizing the event, and it was worth it.

     To be completely honest, I never thought it was real until I saw the presence of my groom. He was innocently dashing, I must say. And I’m marrying this humble man in front of me, I’m marrying my ideal man. Thank God.

       What I appreciated the most on this special day was the presence of the closest people in my life; my family was complete for the first time in years, my closest friends gathered, my valuable colleagues, and my students who supported me since day one. From the bottom of my heart, I’m deeply thankful for all the guests who generously took their time to witness our special day. May their presence serve as a blessing to our marriage.

       Three months later, I can say that I made the best decision of my life by marrying this man. My husband only contributed extra happiness and humility in my life since day one to present, and every day I see how our love for each other grow and grow. And I'm excited to discover reality with him for a lifetime.

So I'm ending this spread with a side note of me being astonished and grateful for everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen in my life. I hope one day, you get to feel and experience this genuine happiness because we all deserve it. 

The Astron

Hijab and Makeup by: Sitts Marlan
Groom and Bride's Attire By: My Beloved Aunt
Photography and Videography: Memento Shots
Decorator/Coordinator: Sir Ariel
Venue: Amil's Tower


  1. I am so happy for you, Fads. *teary-eyed* I can feel the happiness on this post. So much love. <3