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How To Get Your Life Together After Chaos

Life is about balance. The good and the bad. 
The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.
-Ellen Degeneres

We all have that time of the year where we are all over the place filled with chaos. After that chaos, we just don't know how to get back to our previous track and how to start over again. You are just lost and have nothing to do, or much lesser things to do on your list. We all have that time of the year.

I was filled with chaos and busy schedules this previous August and early September. As a senior in college and holds heavy position to lead on one of our college's organization, I was definitely all over the place. I woke up at 5AM and leaves at 7AM, then be at home around 8-9PM. I'm not a nocturnal person at all so it's a bit hard to get things done for me at night, that's why I cram every thing on the day time.

When all the events came to an end. I was hang-over from all the chaos I went through and felt completely lost. So I decided to take one day of the week, Sunday, to reflect and plan things out to get my life together after the chaos by writing it all down and visualize. Then, I did what I must do.

Relax and Breathe 
  • Meditate
Basically, meditating is about operating and training your mind to relax and reflect. It takes about 5-20 minutes or more than that, for as long as you want. Since I consider myself a beginner, my longest was 20 minutes. And if you're a beginner, like me, you can check this video of Aileen from Lavendaire (Meditation Tips for Beginners) to get some tips and encouragement about meditating. There so many benefits in meditation; as for me, it balances my mood, it controls my temper, help me reflect on my wrongs and rights, and gives a massive space in my mind to fill it with rightful thoughts.

Headspace is a huge help for me. It basically coaches you throughout and helps you to even out your thoughts to get on the right path of meditation. It has free packs for basics, anxiety. happiness, and many many more. It also encourages you to meditate everyday. I'm planning to subscribe once I finish all the free packs which I'm grateful to, I mean it's already right in front of my nose, why not grab the chance, right?

  • Unwind
There are so many ways to unwind. You can go to the beach, walk in the morning and embrace the cold breeze of dawn, watch calming movies, listen to soothing music, cleanse yourself, drink a cup of tea while reading novels or articles, or even sleep for long hours. The crucial part of unwinding is being relaxed and make everything flow smoothly.

Plan Out and Rearrange
  • Ideal Day Plan
I've found out the most effective way to plan out your day without all the etceteras roaming around Pinterest. All you have to do is list down, the night before, three major things you must do on that day and minor things to do that are less significant or you can switch to other days. Also, you have to make sure that your day runs smoothly and do things that makes you feel at ease. Chasing a satisfying day is a priority for your everyday living.

Weekly planner doesn't work on me at all unless there are important events I have to attend to, and those will be written on my phone calendar. Because it discourages me when I plan out my week, then suddenly something new came up that instantly ruins my week plan. You know what I mean. Unlike with daily planner, you can control your day and be more hands-on with your to-do-list.

I'm such a hardcore planner. I always want everything to be organized and is on the list. It's important to write down your to-do-list on a notebook or piece of paper instead of visualizing them, because there is a bigger chance that you will miss out something and girl you don't want to regret. Plus, visualizing too much can cause anxiety and overthinking. We don't want that.

  • Get Your Life Together Day Routine
GYST Day or Get your shit together Day is a must for everyone. We should take a day in our week for this day. I believe the best day for this is Sunday, because it's the best time to reflect from your previous week and plan out for your next fresh week. I usually do my laundry, rearrange my things, cleanse myself, do school works, unwind, and sleep early. This day, I take longer time for meditation in the morning because I don't get a more time in the morning for meditation during school days.

Although I called this a routine, I still plan this out every Sunday morning and just add on bits of things that will benefit my GYST routine.

Catch Up

Last but not the least, is catching up with friends and family. Always have time for relationship bond. You were busy for few days or weeks, it's just natural to catch up with those people you haven't communicated with during your busy days. Either hang-out with friends, eat-out with your siblings, have chit chats with your parents. Also catch up with trends like novels, news, and entertainment. I also usually catch-up with episodes of KDramas and blog post from my fave bloggers.

Remember, it's all about starting over again with fresh mind and energy. 

I hope you find these tips helpful.
'Til my next post, bye!


  1. Really needed this, thank you for sharing! xx
    Have a wonderful day!

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

    1. I'm so glad you found this helpful.

      Thanks for dropping by, Vildana.

  2. Amazing post, truly inspiring, I love it. Thank you for sharing, waiting for the next exiting post!!!



    1. Aww I'm glad you found it beneficial. Thank you.

      Thanks for dropping by, Nora.

  3. I've heard tons of good things about meditating and I want to start doing it now. I'm currently searching the ways to meditate and how to gain all the benefits it offer.

    Wannderzel by Hazel Asoy

    1. Wow! That's great news. I'm glad you're starting to meditate, you won't regret it.

      Thanks for dropping by, Hazel.

  4. LOVE the idea of a get your shit together day! It can be so hard to get back into routine after things have been chaotic so putting aside time to just sort things out is so important...