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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf + Mondays Made Better 2017

Davao City, Philippines

Coffee-free please.

Since I live in a small city with limited products to offer, I haven't tried most of the coffee shops you've tried. I'm aware how popular this cafe, that's why it made me more excited to try it out when I got the chance to. In conclusion, I fell in love with the cafe. Perhaps for now, I choose this than Starbucks. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Interior)
Abreeza Ayala Malls

You would be familiar that I went to this cafe quite often on my Davao Diary. There are reasons why I keep coming back. First, the atmosphere in this cafe is cozy. This is a cool place to study, hang-out with friends, meeting with clients, and chill with a family member or even by yourself. The cozy feeling makes me loosen myself up and I think that is so convenient for anyone that is under pressure.

Second, I love the interior. Well honestly, I check out cafes mainly because of their interior, haha. For me, it's like bold-oldish-warm design and that makes it look fancy in general. Plus, they also have marble tables! Third, they feature "Coffee-free" drinks. Yes! For a non-coffee person like me, that's so convenient. If I'm not mistaken, Starbucks also offers drinks that don't have coffee. However, when I try Starbucks for the first and second time, it actually kinda disappointed me so it left me a not-so-good impression but I'll try to go back because I'm sure they have a lot to offer (others love them for a reason anyway).

As for drinks, I love their Ice Blended Green Matcha Tea + Coffee-free. I love Green Tea in general so expect me to order Green Tea often. I loved this drink because it is well brewed and the sweetness from vanilla is just enough, plus of course because it's coffee-free. I haven't tried their food because I wasn't sure if their ingredients are non-pork. And now, the service, if I'm going to be completely honest I love the service from the branch in Abreeza Ayala Malls than in SM Lanang Premier. The one in SM Lanang Premier didn't smile even once and looked pissed (I'm sure she has reasons) and for me, that's a thumbs down. While the cashier, crew, and brewer from Abreeza Ayala Malls were so accommodating, friendly, and humble. That's what I love! Then, she asked me why I was taking pictures of the cafe in a nice way and I told her that I'd blog my thoughts towards the cafe. So she asked me out to share their Mondays Made Better promo that started on April 10 and ends at June 5. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Interior)
SM Lanang Premier


1. Customers can purchase any of the featured beverages for ₱100 only – the whole day (store opening - 11:59PM) every Monday from April 10 - June 5, 2017. 2. ₱100 beverage is applicable to the REGULAR size only. 3. Customers can purchase more than one (1) featured beverage per day. 4. Featured beverages will be announced every Friday on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) throughout the promo period. 5. Add-ons must be paid on top of the promo price. Regular price of add-ons (NSA, Soy, etc.) applies. 6. Marketing Gift Certificates and beverage coupons may not be used to avail of the promo. 7. Promo is not valid in conjunction with other promos and or discount/privilege cards (ex. Government cards/IDs). 8. Promo is valid in all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores, except for the CBTL™ Coffee Bar.

This is a great news to all who still aren't aware of the promo. I know this might be an almost-late post but you still got one more Monday to enjoy their Ice Blended drinks as much as you want in much discounted price. Grab your drink!

Calling out the top management of this cafe to please open a branch here in Zamboanga City soon. Zamboanguenos need you here! Thank you.

WHAT: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
WHERE: Abreeza Ayala Malls & SM Lanang Premier, 
Davao City, Philippines
TRY: Bestsellers - Ice Blended Green Matcha Tea & Double Hazelnut


  1. This branch is one of the better looking ones.I notice there's a certain feel to your photos, do you post-process? With what app?


    Ayeesha Dicali

    1. Yes, I think so too. Yes, I do. VSCO and Snapseed.

      Thanks for dropping by, Ayeesha.

  2. This café looks amazing and I feel like I've heard about it but maybe I'm mistaken - it is part of a chain, right? The interior looks really cosy and the drinks sound really good. I am not a massive fan of coffee either but I still love Starbucks, especially their hot chocolate, chai tea latte and their frappucinos (you can choose them cream or coffee/decaf based) xx


    1. Yes, it's a global brand cafe. However, here in the Philippines, they're competing with Starbucks. Thank goodness, I'm not the only one. Yeah, that's not surprising, a lot of my friends also love Starbucks. I'd love to try those drinks when I get to Starbucks.

      Thanks for dropping by, Mira.

  3. This looks like a very lovely and cosy cafe. I can see why you like it. Love the interior and the drinks sound amazing. :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Yes it is. I just love how they feature coffee-free drinks.

      Thanks for dropping by, Leta.