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Etiquette and Elegance

"Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness"
-  Coco Chanel -

Recently I have been attending different kinds of events, I always prepare myself with proper occasion etiquette because I’m always cautious with my image and how people view me.

In occasions, you meet new people and when you meet new people, you should try your best to get the positive impression you’ve always wanted. I’m one of those people that is super concern with my gestures and etiquette, except when I’m surrounded with my very close friends.

The internet is a world full of ideas and guides on how you remain yourself on the right posture and on how you behave yourself. Etiquette, I learned about this word when I was in my second year in high school. And at first I never really cared about how it means or even did a research about it. Since I’ve grown so much than back when I was in high school. I’ve realized that, etiquette is crucial for every lady out there.

There are different kinds of etiquette and there are more to that. Of course, if you want to be viewed and treated as a classy lady, you need to keep your physical appearance simple and modest. For clothes, don’t show too much skin, you can do that later, just not on this ocassion.

Great thing, Milly Bridal from United Kingdom has selective of dresses that suits every classy woman’s taste, from evening dresses, cocktail dresses, formal dress, to holiday dresses while presenting elegance in you.

No. 1
Keep it straight

Your posture is the first thing people see, so you need to keep it straight. Stomach in, chest out, assume that you’re in a pageant. Including the way you walk and climbing stairs. And if you’re wearing skirt, always cross your leg. 

No. 2
Show respect vocally

Always say “Please” and “Thank you”. If you're a Filipino, always say "Po" and "Opo", I've noticed that less people do this anymore, we shouldn't take away those respectful words in our heart. Also, call all employees "Sir" and "Ma'am" because they plainly deserve to call like one, no matter what position they are in.

No. 3
No to bitch-face

I don't care if it's your rest-face, you need to be aware on facial expression. If you have a friendly rest-face, people tend to approach you without hesitation because they know that they will be in good company with you. I usually just hid a little smirk at the end of my smile, and I try my best to keep it as my rest-face because I want people to be comfortable with my presence.

No. 4
Learn the table etiquette

This is also very important because you don't want to look like you've just come out of a cave. So consider reading this article for dining etiquette and this article for table manners.

No. 5
Put away your phone

When you're in an event where your presence should be noticed, you should take that opportunity to communicate with the other guests and stash your smartphone because no one likes it when the person they're talking with keeps on checking their phone. This is the time where you need to develop your communication skills.

No. 6
Genuine, Classy, & Charming

Being classy and charming doesn't mean you're pretentious. It just means that you respect yourself and you don't want people to have a bad impression of you. Be aware of the things you say, constantly give compliments and praises, and make other people smile or laugh. Being genuine is about being real but that doesn't mean you should go crazy in the middle of an event, you can just express yourself and your words honestly without wrecking your image.

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