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What's up, Fads?

Hello lovely readers,

I've been out for three months and yes, I missed blogging. I decided not to write a blog post regarding with my temporary farewell because as what I've said, it's temporary. Briefly, there were some family issues, friends issues, guys issues, and self issues that I need to deal with, it was hard so it affected me so much and decided to step back from my normal routine and fix myself.

Since I'm back, it means I'm ready to take on again the blogging world. Sounds fun?

W H A T ' S  U P ,  F A D S ?
Good bye, Pants
You read that right, I decided not to wear pants anymore (of course, I still wear them at home) and wear long skirts/dresses instead because I much enjoy wearing modest clothes now. I'm so happy that I'm comfortable with wearing them now as oppose to wearing pants/jeans.

I discovered that I have a passion in shooting videos and editing them in film basis. Recently, we have this commercial project and I had to film in different places. I went to my friends house, hospital, and KFC to film, even during my commute just to form the video into something I wanted it to be. I also learned basic editing in Adobe Premiere which was fun and I'm willing to learn more.

It's finals!
It's finals but works have been lesser than the past terms which is terrifying because I feel like upcoming last weeks will be filled with pop-up works to do and stress will be filled all over me. But I'm positive that I could handle them well this time because I'm more motivated and ready to do works. I actually love doing works instead of doing nothing.

RIP Domo
My phone, Domo (Dory + Nemo) is dead. It just randomly shut off and never turned on again which was totally depressing. At the moment, I'm saving money to buy new phone and hoping that at the end of the month, I have my new phone. By the way, I'm not sure what phone I'm going to buy so if you have any suggestions aside from iPhone (30k+? no thanks), please write them in the comments below.

Indirect love-life
Love life? Me? You kidding. I don't want to put much information but I'm expecting a guy. I'm going to tell you guys the whole story at the right time though because I would love to share it.
Thanks to my real friends for being supportive.

I hope you enjoyed this short update, and I'm looking forward for more amusing update in coming days. I was gone for three months, I would love to know updates from you as well, right 'em in the comments.


  1. Welcome back :) well, I'm not a huge fan of jeans so I never wear them !


  2. I missed you, Fads! Welcome back. <3 Ate Lyka, the one I'm with in this blog post doesn't also wear pants. Maybe once in a blue moon. I think she started wearing pants when our school required us our washday uniform to be worn every Wednesday so good bye, civilian days. Anyway, how I wish I can be like you too that you've switched from pants to dresses/skirts. They're so comfortable, right? I remembered during my summer classes. I only wore pants once just because our group required to wear pants for the dance. Lol. :D About the cellphone, I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Maybe you can take that into consideration on your list. Hihi :) Happy blogging, Fads! Looking forward to great posts from you. <3

    Augustin Ra • Indie Spirit

  3. I'm slowly becoming a cinephile as well, I've asked for a polaroid for my birthday and I cannot wait to use it! I look forward to reading more posts from you :) x


  4. Welcome back! I've just had a long break as well and I'm ready to get back into writing again :) I have a Sony Xperia phone which I LOVE x


  5. I've missed you, Fads! It surely was a long time since the last post. I hope that everything that is going on in your life will get to its places. And for the phone, I would really recommend Samsung edge, it's really sleek and easy to use. Plus it takes amazing photos. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  6. Welcome back! Sometimes a break if all we need to energize and get back :) All the best for finals and looking forward to hearing more about the mysterious guys ;)

    Monika | www.palateforstyle.com

  7. You should definitely consider posting a video to share with us :) good luck with finals! As for your phone, I recently got the iphone 6s and I know that doesn't help much haha but there's also this new iphone that came out a few months ago that is cheaper. It's the iphone SE and it's cheaper and same size as the 5s but has the functions of a 6s, minus a few things only.
    definitely looking forward to hearing some stories bout this guy you just mentioned!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  8. Welcome back to blogging! It's good to take a break sometimes, even a slightly longer one. :) As for getting a new phone, I work with mobile phones on a daily basis doing testing etc., so I get to play with pretty much every newly launched phone that comes out. I don't know if iPhones are really worth the money, I'm more of a Samsung girl myself and will be getting the Galaxy Note 7 as soon as my contract is due for an upgrade. <3 It has a wonderful camera that can be used for blog photos! x