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World Hijab Day

What does World Hijab Day means to me?

Basically, when I read World Hijab Day, I was like "wow this is something". For me, World Hijab Day is a day where all female in the world wear hijab even those non-muslims. And also, World Hijab Day is not just about wearing the hijab, it's about awareness of how beautiful and meaningful a piece of cloth can be when being wore in the head as a hijab.

For more information about this: World Hijab Day

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Collaborated with Rouge & Ruche for the celebration of World Hijab Day in February 1.
Thanks for this blog series, Liyana.'Til next time, may Allah bless you.

I got inspired of this awareness. Because imagine, if even just for one day, every woman in this world wear hijab, that'd be awesome. MashaAllah. Okay, that excites me. So I've decided to make my non-muslim college friends wear hijab, just to try it and ask them what they think about it. PS, I'm the only muslim that wears hijab in my whole batch. And you know what, it's not a big deal to me as it isn't a big deal to them as well. So it's cool.

"I have a Muslim face, that's why people mistakenly thought I am one. But I think, wearing hijab for me is normal. I feel normal at all." -Lea

"Oh my gosh, I look like a Muslim. It's nice wearing hijab." -Melanie

"I feel like I'm going to revert to Islam. Haha, my mom's going to kill me. I've always wanted to wear hijab for the first time, it was great to finally experience it. And it's hot inside, I'm sweating." -Queenie

"Hahaha! I feel beautiful." -Mersalyn

It was really fun to make them wear the hijab. I love that they're cooperative and very willing because they wanted to experience wearing it. And despite the fact that we are all so busy all day because it is our exam week, they were still cooperating. Since I'm the only one from my batch that wears hijab, it was really nice to see them wearing the hijab because finally there's someone wearing hijab from the class aside from me. But InshaAllah, I'll never lose hope that someone will step forward and wear hijab voluntarily in my batch.


  1. Haha it's so cute that you let them try on the hijab on World Hijab Day! It's really interesting how a piece of clothing changes the way we perceive ourselves, and the way others perceive us. Thank you so much for this post and being part of this collaboration, may Allah bless you as well! :-)

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

  2. it's really cool that your non-muslim friends got to experience the hijab :) Great post :)

  3. This is so cute! It's really nice that your non-Muslim friends decided to give wearing hijab a try and gave such positive comments about it! That is the real celebratory spirit of world Hijab Day!